Experience at Pre seed workshop, Buffalo

What you do each day adds up to a later success. This was visually evident from the way I cam to know about the workshop and more evident in the kind of people I got associated with. The business mantra of this century is “It is what you know and who you know” that matters.


Call it karma or not. I had this wonderful opportunity to attend the Project Management workshop based on PMI‘s PMBOK by Dr Olewnik during the winter break; after the Fall semester. This led to an opportunity to work on an Intramural project with Curbell Medical Products Inc. This project ended by end of spring semester, which naturally led to a kind of void especially since the summer is around the weekend. Pre seed workshop was pointed out by the Professor and then I was getting ready for another experience.


The idea of the workshop is that a team of IP expert, business coach, professor, idea champion, industry expert and student gather to work together for a week to help the idea champion grow his idea from “idea” to something more tangible. The workshop began with a kick off event, where the concept and the team were introduced with food. Later,the workshop took me through a series of break out sessions interlaced with lessons, networking and food.  I could be part of a team where I worked with my professor and alumni on an idea that was based and close to what I had learned in Electrical EngineeringUniversity at Buffalo. The work of the workshop involved two days separated by a week. The first day was awesome due to the novelty of the way of presentation and the rising feeling of assisting in something big that is going to happen by working with the idea champion. This concept mostly involved assisting the idea champion to convert his patent into a product and help enhance the vision by putting those in words and presentation with great inputs from the team, this would finally be presented in front of an audience, who also want to learn from the presented idea and give suggestions along with the judges who are also serving or past judges of 43 north; the biggest startup competition on the planet. Since in this workshop no money is involved; that is there is no cash prizes, but exchange of priceless information, tips and suggestions to get there.

At the kick off event, at the Kleinhans Hall Buffalo,  my mind was blown because the coach of our team is also a judge at 43 north. That was just the beginning. And before the gravity of the event dawned on me, it was the real dawn to get up and get to work, Day 1 followed.

On Day 1 we were taught on how entrepreneurs, inventors and businessmen converge into a single person who has put his efforts into the idea to startup. More sessions followed teaching me basics of how the business is build around the idea and how the idea can be made into a business. The sessions with the team was awesome, getting to know how the idea was generated, the IP perspective, how everyone got together in the team, their work-academic-life and expertise , bit by bit, at work, as we also byte, for there was lot of food besides the work. The day ended with some homework for me and the team to work for the week till we met for Day 2 the next week. And as I headed back home thinking about VCs and angel investors, I accidentally captured an angel made of cloud.


Day 2 was more focused on putting values to revenue potential based on target market and  visualizing the start up office, putting numbers in place , practicing the pitch to perfection. The idea Champion was awesome in gelling together with the team, encouraging positive communications and learning on the way. Then the time arrived after noon. We were geared up with the presentations ready and headed toward the Hauptman Woodward Institute (HWI), home to the Hauptman’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry. I could see the Nobel Prize medal for real, first time in my life.



And the team, like other teams also proceeded to the hall of presentation. HWI building is very welcoming, it is not the regular brick building, some architect has really spent his passion on it. It provides a motivating and peaceful ambience which was very important , I believe, for the idea champion. Our champion was all set for the presentation that goes first. Yes we were first. The judges and other teams were very positive in their responses and suggestion. In that, the judges asked very good questions, questions that an investor wanted answer for. A demo for it was shown in the workshop, a cartoon of a typical Silicon Valley Pitch if the genius Nikola Tesla was doing it.

This video is hilarious at the same time and eye opener for an inventor or idea champion. Because and engineer or scientist is not taught how to see the business side of ideas and designs and often this single thing makes or breaks the confidence for a startup pitch. Thanks to the pre-seed workshop we had our champion prepared for most of the questions. The audience was also very patient in providing further suggestions.

And then we got to hear the ideas of other teams and personally I learned a lot from this session. Since, this was the culmination of months of effort for the idea champion and a week’s effort for the team members , getting to know different presentation styles and varied ideas unlocked more levels of understanding. The questions from judges revealed the ways in which a business mind would work. Money is one thing, building a business for the same is like bringing up something to life. It is more than money. But money can do it. How an investor thinks in this manner is different from the regular engineering mind. It was very interesting to listen to the questions. A great learning experience.

The awesomeness of the pre-seed workshop is that it is free. Free stuffs are such that you cannot expect what comes as free. Here, the most celebrated free stuff, knowledge based on experience, is distributed for common benefit. Which is overwhelming and fantabulous.

The day ended with networking event where I got to meet other team members and indulge in some great conversations with great food.

Thanks to the organizers were brilliant and excellent in all the parts of the event, from emails to giving information to name tags, presentations, arranging conference rooms for the team, guidance , suggestions and the positive energy and food. Many thanks to the organizers, team members, sponsors and everyone for making this happen.


More Photos in FB, open for my friends.

Kick Off

Day 1 photos

Day 2 photos


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Experiencing the REALM, University at Buffalo

The number of options a a student gets to engage in University at Buffalo (UB) is great. The REALM Experience is one such. REALM stands for Real Experience and Leadership Mentoring. This involves application for the program through office of student engagement, student union. The process takes one to the interview process and then the candidate has to attend the information session for the target REALM program – NYC or Buffalo (2016 offering). Then we attend the awesome workshops recommended by the office of student engagement and conducted by career services. This helps one to prepare for the range of possibilities for the one day REALM program. These workshops are beneficial for intern and job search too.

The preparations lead one to attend the actual event . Here, we start to appreciate the gravity of organizing the event that starts with networking breakfast. As the day begins to dawn us, we will be in the target office already with our assigned mentor. Hence, the information session on the day is very useful. This gives practical tips for the day. I personally spend the day at Baxter with a group of students who were each assigned a mentor just as me. The plant tour and process information is for everyone to learn. Introduction of their day to day activities and the way of work at the company is one to keep learning from, if you are not used to the working system of such great companies. Sessions with a group including other mentors helps to network with different professionals attending to varied nature of their jobs. This also helps to have a more comprehensive perspective of the job roles and how the mentors work with each other as as team for the goal of the project of the company. The good thing about the mentors is that they can always relate to the student life and the gradually trace their professional path and give valuable suggestions and opinions based on this. The exposure to the internal working structure and history of products, projects and research is really great. This saves a lot of time if you were planning to do a research about the company prior to the company, because this one day is like many internet searches put together, in addition, having a face and sound for the people involved, the vision of the company and evolution and development of their team and products and also the impact they have on the market.

The day does not end the shift workers clock their time out or the regular employees start their car for home. We meet mentors and students of the REALM program from different companies at the networking dinner held at the American Red Cross building. The building has a history of its own. And there is a building tour conducted by the American Red Cross. That is a different , add-on, experience on its own. All this time, the networking event continues with food and soda so we can meet professionals and other student participants and know more about their day.
And finally for the photos on the way (not people) click here >

Life is just colorful and to see the colors of professional life networking events like this takes you a long way.

If you are a student looking for a networking opportunity with a professional touch. This is a must go event. It is sure to be a very informative day at the very least.

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Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 7: Start slowly grasp quickly

The v.v. age old saying goes an umpteenth time to say ” Slow and Steady wins the race” . This is because it is true. But the beauty of the truth lies in experiencing it in action. As with violin or any musical instrument, the beginning is really very slow. It is expected to be and it will be. Sometimes, it turns frustrating and sometimes it melancholic; because slow music is mostly applicable to monotonous and sad moments in audio-visual industry. Once you hear the melody and the density of musical oscillations that a really slow and patient player would bring to one’s ear the best of devotional and classical , esp. hindustani classical music, which may make one feel that the music is depressing than soporific, sad rather than boring. While the musician knows in its true essence what the music brings with its slowness, a meditative stance , crystallizing the tranquility of the mind and making everything around you at standstill. This is an art that occurs in a peaceful flow of music, just like Messi plays with the football, a movement that is so painless and untiring, for the player , for the musician but may not be for the unaccustomed ear. But it is true that the baby steps that we took as an emerging human being were much much smaller than what a grown up adult does. It goes in the same way for music and in life.

An age old Sanskrit saying goes like this

||जलबिन्दुनिपातेन क्रमश: पूर्यते घट:

रीतिरेषा हि विद्यानां धनस्य च धर्मस्य च ||


“As the pot fills with tiny droplets of water

So does education (vidya) , money and virtues(dharma)”

The slow rate with which these accumulate sometime tests one’s patience. That is yet another learning curve. This acts as a self test and helps to ratify one’s decisions and path of growth. As in music , esp. and instrument like violin, the beginner would be playing the same song again and again, till it becomes a good stepping stone for further playing. And a true newbie would be playing just the open strings till the world’s end for weeks. And this basis is so important that my violin teacher would tell me to practice just open string everyday, even though I am aiming for the Grade 5 of Trinity.  Also for the tone to be perfect the singing practice just focused on sustaining the few notes esp. the open string notes, at the correct note. This was tough. But with practice it grows patience. With patience and longer bowing time, very very slow playing, enable playing two bars of slurred notes at a stretch that together would constitute  a fast folk song’s critical portion. This helps in quick grasping of the key notes. Since the mind is free from the more time consuming – fingering of notes and bowing the right way.

In the end, the slow practice pays off whereby the focus is on maintaining the rhythm or momentum and reducing the fidgeting with fingers on the bow and forget about the trialing notes.Life becomes easy so fast. But it takes time. I have seen this happen when you practice driving bike slowly in city traffic. The traffic around you is on any day capable of making you crazy and angry. The technique of being slow, helps one take swift turns and right decisions at right moments that you see , in fact you are in fact going ahead of the vehicles which were parking their money behind speed than tactics on city roads.

I have also experience this in my academics where the professor would go very slowly over the basic of math, physics even analog IC layout at the very start and later put  a sharp climb on the learning path, whose slope is just enough so that the momentum generated by the slow learning is able to grasp what is coming on and adjust and push us through the end goal of the posed steep learning.

This is one important lesson that I found applicable in widely different areas of study be it music, math, engineering or internet. Therefore this post.

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Book Review: Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial SpiritJumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit by Shawn Doyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book meant to be used in proactive reading style. I could use it that way and had some notes and questions jotted down from the “jolts”. The book is written is a very confident style where the bragging part doesn’t come off as odd. The examples of success stories are kept to a common man’s level. Yes, it does not speak of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk , for a change?!
This book provides an easy top follow guideline that can be written down as a checklist. So once you have a brooding idea about startup then you can easily walk through the checklist and take the necessary steps and cross out the ones that you have already achieved.
The time I read book coincides with my participation in a Pre-Seed workshop in University at Buffalo. Here, I am part of a team that discuss strategies to help build a startup around the patented invention of Idea champion. This book steps through the essential steps of building a business around the entrepreneur , corresponds to the idea champion in the workshop.
In this process the book urges you to think, if not write down, about the answers to questions posed to the reader at the end of each chapter. These questions helps one understand the thought process behind the creation and maintenance of a company and assists in staging and forming the basis for the foresight, to see the work in action in near future.
The icing on the cake is the collection of books and authors at the end for further reading.

Some of the quotes (as it has become a standard with self help books) that I liked from this particular writing are:

” Business is as good as the people you associate with”

” It is what you know and who you know” that helps the business

” If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams

The book also quotes Think and Grow Rich atleast 3 times in its content, making it the next book to be read if you haven’t already done so. The context mostly is that ” You are what you think” and thinking positive. Which any religion, say Buddhism also mentions. After reading these books on ” business” and ” leadership ” I get this feeling that the American way of writing on business tends to project capitalism and money as basic motivation while the oriental spiritualism says the same without touching the money but peace and self satisfaction. I can’t blame one if it is through money that one achieves self satisfaction and peace of mind. But it is one big thing in such books were success is almost always tied to money. This works perfectly for people who believe in capitalism. “Ultimately it is the belief”

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Levi’s made a smart jacket using special threads from Google — Quartz

The internet of garments is here, courtesy of Levi’s. On the final day (May 20) of Google’s I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, Levi Strauss innovation chief Paul Dillinger donned a denim jacket woven with conductive yarn. By touching, tapping, or swiping the jacket’s wrist, he demonstrated how it can play music, pause, and…

via Levi’s made a smart jacket using special threads from Google — Quartz

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Gist from the Career Perspectives and Networking Conference, Panel Discussion with Young Alumni

This is the concise form of Panel Discussion with Young Alumni in the Second Career Perspectives and Networking Conference, held in University at Buffalo, 04/08/2016.

Things to look out for in your first job >
Believe in yourself.
Estimate what are the skills that you have.
Most places will train you.

Most jobs try to know how is your thinking and approach for a problem.
Once you are in a job , or offered a job, Identify where you are in. Is it truly where you want to be.
Always assess the potential ability to learn or earn money. Take a step back and try to understand.
Grab the opportunity that you really want. Then there is no stress attached to it and you will enjoy your career path.
There is no way to know everything you have to do. Do not be afraid to fail. Take your experience as learning steps. Make sure you learn continuously, learn from your job.
Do not be afraid to learn on superiors. There may be questions about priority. Feel free to say no. When you are in doubt don’t be afraid to get the authority with higher vision to set priority for you.
Having too many deadlines and projects with low completion rate is not the kind of reputation that you want to carry with you. Make sure you get the right people to contribute to your work.
Make sure you add education and skills to your profile from every professional experience you get.

What happens when you are searching for a job >
If you have the talent that company is looking for then you have the ball in your court, don’t be afraid to leverage on that.
Evolve yourself into something social.
Differentiate yourself.

Resume gets you to door. Conversation keeps you in the room.
Thinks that you talk about in interview >
Networking is huge. Network as much as you can. Every person you meet puts you in a larger web where you can reach out to anyone in it.
What you bring to the table is crucial. Pitching your part is important. Practice your 30 seconds pitch.
Demonstrate aptitude and passion in interviews.
Companies look for not young but young minded people.

Take control and ownership of assigned task. Find time and drive it forward. If there is a bad employee in your team, good employees will be sick of that one bad employee. Learn to work with all kinds of people. And come up with solutions that your business needs. Interpersonal skills are often big in working.

Tell a story about your passion based on your resume. Resume is your roadmap. Expand on your resume.
Communication skills need to be demonstrated in the interview conversation. It cannot really come out of your resume. How do you communicate about your passion about something you have done? May be you talk loud, or express it. Whatever it is. if you are truly passionate about it then you love what you are going to talk about.
Just show it. Be that guy!
Put hobbies that are really interesting.
Research about your company. You cannot send the same resume to 30 different company. Make connections through resume and then try to show your passion by building on the story from resume.
On Cover Letter
Cover Letter should be very focused to the company. Not the things that you would like to put as hobbies.

Most of the panelists did not have cover letter but the resume had a hook to sell the self.

Salary negotiation

You are trying to put a price on your labour. Check out some websites. If it is your first job, then you probably do not want to negotiate too much. If you are bringing lot of skills that they need then you can leverage on that, because you have room for expansion. Education is things that you retain, bring to your job and develop yourself. So, have an honest conversation with the HR.
Salary negotiation is very difficult. Larger companies usually offer less.
Too many companies rely on and But there is a difference. So it is a tough negotiation. If you truly like the job, then may be you can ask for the number you have in head.
Negotiate on graduate school reimbursement, vacation, phone bill reimbursement. All these ancillary things could be negotiated.
Have a number in head.
Give them that.
Be able to back up your number. By telling them here is what I make, here is the cost of living adjustment. They know that you are being honest, when you can justify and give your number.
“I don’t want to be looking for a job for a long time” is a tactical way to negotiate on salary.
It is difficult to know your value. But you should know what you are worth.
In today’s world health insurance is huge. So, see if the company offers good health insurance coverage which could be as beneficial compared to another offer with lower insurance coverage but higher salary.

Best Wishes


PS: Thanks to Amit Narayanan for inspiration

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The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team WantsThe 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants by John C. Maxwell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It quotes a man’s inspiration to believe in bible and then fight because he interpreted ” If a man can make peace by fighting, he is a peacemaker”. This on the initial few pages may put off any peaceful reader.

On further tolerance and reading on,
It quotes
” It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinions; it is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who in the midst of he crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Such quotes makes you feel that you can write something and leave your name behind as a quotable quote.

The book is small and readable. If you care about baseball , there is some example from that. Quoting movies in a leadership book was strange. This book does that too. On the preface you see that there was someone to write and proofread this small book. This makes me believe that you need a bunch of quotes and movies and let someone else write the book and proofread and put their names in acknowledgement. Not Ghostwriting!

In sum total this book is a miracle, as it has very little to offer but still makes it to the shelves of leadership skills collection in university.

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Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know by John C. Maxwell

Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs To KnowEthics 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know by John C. Maxwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book discusses some quotes and some history of successful people.

It talks about the “golden rule of any faith” which is roughly
‘treat another person in the way you would like yourself to be treated’ (with citations)

Some nice quotes:-
JC Penney ” money is properly the byproduct of building men as partners”

“Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes ” John Ruskin

it says that competitive pride brings doom.

Goethe “things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least”

It urges one to be prepared to seize your golden opportunity

And also states that people who know their weaknesses are rarely taken by surprise.

A small book , a quick read.

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Yellow hibiscus

Gopi had these beautiful birds collected in a wired cage. A few trees and flowery bushes, especially the red hibiscus in the background play with the eyes making one forget about the green coloured metal that made the cage. Birds of all colours were visible due to this spectacular arrangement. And this was a definite treat for the eyes whenever I visited Gopi’s place. My belief in freedom for all, won’t let me be to happy at seeing the caged bird, though!

We had this kid of the neighbour’s – Syamili who used to admire these birds. And she used to draw the birds on paper with her pencil colours. And to my fascination, the birds would sit still just so that she could complete her picture. She was very considerate about the birds too, where her drawing would not last for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. And a definite treat awaits the bird which agreed to stand still for this child artist. She would often have some piece of broken fallen fruit, sometimes mango or on other times guava that she picked up on her way from the street.

While me and Gopi would engage in the musings of the teen world viz. Cricket and science, this kid used to enjoy her company with the caged birds. Once, she used to have long conversations with the yellow bird, which was her favourite. She did the talking and to her spoken words apparently the bird was nodding or tweeting. Or was it the kid’s wild imagination! I had to check this out personally. And one day I could do that sacrificing the valuable time normally devoted to perpetual thoughts of the spellbinding universe also known as “nerd” talk.

Syamili was asking her friend, the yellow bird she had named as ‘Appu’. ” Appu, how are you today ?” . To my bewilderment a sober single twirp could be heard in reply.

She continued “Why , are you sad today ?”

Appu : ( no reply)

And I was about to rejoice on the my belief, my thought, that the twirp heard before was faux tympanic simulation

Syamili kept her colour pencils and writing pad on the ground. Some red ants which was searching for its way continued its pursuit from the damp soil onto the writing pad, only to move fast out the pad and back to the damp soil.

She said ” I believe that if I was closed in a cage like you, I would have been happy for a while. Because, I will feel safe and I would be taken care of by Gopi. I would have food and water. And I do not have to worry about finding my food. Or I would not be scared by any cats or bigger birds that may attack me , if I were a bird.”

Appu was nonchalant and seemed to look at a distance in deep thought.

” But , then after a while I would get bored, for I cannot meet any new birds like me. And I would be bored, I guess”

And there was a definite sharp tweet from Appu. Oh boy! It was as if the sound penetrated my bones.

“So I guess, now you are bored, unhappy and sad at the thought that you have no freedom to really fly”

Appu nodded ‘yes’.

“I heard Gopi is going on a tour for a week. I guess this would be a good chance for you to fly around and make new friends. May be you can return from your tour when brother Gopi also returns.”

Appu had turned its head at an angle as if in thought.

” OK ! I will ask Gopi, but I am not sure if he will let you out. You know he loves all the birds here, that is why he takes care of you very well. I am pretty sure that he would like to see you safe here all the time.”

saying this Syamili turned . At the same time Gopi was there with food for the birds, some grains and milk. The eager child wanted to feed the grains to the birds, and Gopi allowed her. Her tiny little hand would be as big as the birds themselves. And Gopi was concerned if the birds beaks would hurt her hand. The birds were delicate and enjoyed their dinner thoroughly, they all made some sound which was like a chorus music.

Syamili requested Gopi to let the birds go away for one week and come back when he returns from his trip. Gopi patted on the child’s head saying ” I am sure they won’t come back even if they try to . This is because Freedom is heavenly pleasure. And no creature would trade freedom for anything else. I feed them and take care of them . These have no meaning compared to them enjoying their own freedom. I appreciate your concern Syamili but I will not let them out. ”

“But then, have can you go on a trip and enjoy your freedom and not let them go ?”

For which Gopi replied ” I like them so much that I don’t want them to leave”.

Meanwhile, some friends had just brought in the news of a new finding of rose apple tree. And a child’s mind is so dynamic Syamili said a quick ‘bye’ to Appu and ran with the folks for her share of rose apples.


Next week, I was sitting at home like a caged bird, with nowhere to go. It was raining very heavily. I had not joined Gopi on his trip because it was his family’s tour. And then I had 2-3  days passing between the 3 teas that I had everyday in the morning , the brunch and the evening. Clouds parted and it was sunny for rest of the holidays. I joined the local group of Cricket gang and went to hangout with them. And the 10 -day school break just got over and I thought I should visit Gopi just before we were busy again.

There was this pleasant smell of from the red hibiscus flowers from Gopi’s garden when I took the turn to the entrance of his house. I could hear Syamili’s giggle as I entered the gate. Gopi was there playing with a puppy dog which was licking Syamili all over. And more giggles followed as the puppy played with her.

After a few exchange of pleasantries regarding the days of raining and his trip and my Cricket and his new puppy, I felt that something was missing in the background. The smell of hibiscus was somewhat stronger inside the plot. I checked to see how big the plant has become and there were undoubtedly lot of flowers ready to join the many others which have fell on the ground. And in the foreground to my surprise the bird’s cage was empty. I could not help wonder and asked Gopi what had happened? I asked if he had let the bird’s embrace their freedom. And then Gopi replied ” The birds were all dead when I returned from the trip.”  I was shocked and asked ” how and why ?”

He explained   ” There was this strip of coconut leaf hanging from a dwarf coconut tree that just about touched the bird’s cage. The ants had initially apparently come for the grains and later consumed the bird’s too. And when I returned the cage had only dead birds. And I cleaned the cage and threw all the remnants at the base of the hibiscus plant.”

I said “that is very sad, If only you had let them out . Atleast the guilt of causing their death, by capturing their freedom could have been avoided”.

With nothing more to say. I hung around with the new puppy. And left in sometime taking with me some of the hibiscus’ smell and the little girl’s innocent giggle. And at the gate when I turned to wave ‘bye’ to Gopi and Syamili , my eyes may have deceived me but I definitely saw a yellow hibiscus flower among the red.


PS: Adapted from True Story by Aneesh

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AC Gayatri

Srikaalahasti is a really very very old temple of Worship. It is so old that the temple tower had collapsed some time back.  The temple is visited by people all over the world. It is situated in a very hot place for people who are not used to Andhra Pradesh.  Therefore, someone had very generously provided Air conditioning units in the sanctum . It is so positioned that we feel that the A/C also gets a feel of being side-deity-idol, as is common in many temples. Definitely the units there would feel so auspicious themselves by having Hundi in front of them. And therefore it is of utmost importance for a devotee not only to pray to God but also pay obeisance to these divine entities. A prayer to go with that in the metric of Gayatri is given here.


|| ॐ उष्णनाशकाय विद्महे

शीतकारकाय विद्महे

तन्नो ए\सी प्रचोदयात् ||

> In Romanaagari

||Om Ushnanasakaaya vidmahe

sheetakaarakaaya dheemahi

tanno A/C prachodayat ||



All Rights Reserved:

If you are using this for any commercial / advertisement purpose you should get the permission from the author


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