In the currents of Pokemon

The last I checked I am unable to get my Pokemon Trainer Club account to authenticate me into the Pokemon Go app. It is july 15, 2016 evening in USA. By night I can imagine how many souls will be roaming the streets to de-bug and catch the pokemons. I played it with my friend yesterday for two hours into the night. University at Buffalo, north campus was much infested by Pokemon trainers as the pokemons themselves. We could catch some understanding smiles at the supermarket sometime back, and here in the campus we were getting tips on the go. We were new to it, but cracked open 2 levels in 2 hours. We were catching pokeballs and pokemon left , right and center, thanks to the good network that he has and the car. Yes! we used the car.

I grew up playing single player games in multiplayer mode. Like me and my sister used to play age of empires together ( single player in the PC) but multi-player in real. This was more fun than the lone wolf regime. Once I had played FIFA football single player with me and 2 other friends. This was the time when gaming centers were popular as the internet swept through India. So, we three boys were sitting at a PC. My friends wanted to play FIFA and one of them took his pocket money of 20 Rupees ( which will pay for one hour of gaming). We got the FIFA running. There was a steering wheel bang in the middle of the PC. That would give shooting and left and right movement. if what I remember is true, I was at the arrow keys and the funding sponsor took the advanced controls of dribbling, juggling and shooting. That was some crazy fun.

We had organized playing of Farmville when it was integrated and very popular in Facebook. Me and my extended family would plan to do Co-ops and grow the required plants in a scheduled manner. This was physically over 700kms away in radius and completely done online and very efficiently. I remember those days where we had a scheduled harvest and I was jobless guy doing the harvest and fertilizing. There were professionals with job doing it with me. I never felt I was wasting resources or time. In fact, it was a learning experience about team spirit and agriculture.

And here I am 10+ years after what happened at a memorable time, in a different country playing with an equally old friend getting tips from some random undergrads in school on Pokemon and being childishly happy about it.

My phone with Android 4.2 Jelly bean does not support Pokemon Go.  I tried some APK files but to no success. So I was satisfying the curiosity by playing Ingress. A pretty neat game due to its simplicity. It draws directly on the two party system of USA. This game from Niantic was supposedly popular and I could feel it by playing it and seeing the intel map worldwide. That was really awesome. But then there is no fun if you cannot get to a team, organize, plan and schedule your movements. It is really massively online gaming that requires a team or team support. There is no real point in doing it alone. Because the portals captured and control areas created on day 1 would be broken that day itself without proper support.

The good thing about Pokemon Go is that you can do it alone for some levels and still be happy about your Pokedex (collection of pokemons). In this process of leveling up it is quite natural that you would team up with some people that you meet on the road. by level 5 , I believe there is access to gym. And the choice here is, to join one of the three factions, unlike Ingress where it is two. It is yellow , blue and red here compared to green and blue in Ingress. If you do not have a good internet connectivity or phone that does not support the games or features then you will be like me, trying to connect to every available free wi-fi. It is still possible to work within this limits. But in ingress, I found this very limiting, because we need to capture area. While in pokemon we can still be happy about a little weedle or rattata that always appears on your doorstep. Pokemon is more about being happy about what you have, while Ingress makes you greedy to go about and capture like (some country) which wants it influence over larger and larger area, fire something and destroy enemy resonators. The ingress fans who dislike pokemons are either not having the app supported in their devices, hatred due to unavailability, or they are acting like grown ups who are like the accountant in the little prince.

There are crazy people everywhere, in both the games. But what is the character of the players. Consider you are using the latest of technologies. Camera, augmented reality, signal processing, networking technology, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, MEMS sensors, gyros, and adaptive light sensitive displays just to have fun. It better be good enough to promote good character. Pokemon though meant to fight in the gym and win battles are not that violent enough to destroy or make enemy or degrade the morale of co-players. In that sense I appreciate pokemon a lot. As I write this I am starting to like Pokemons more and more. As a child I used to watch the pokemon series in the TV. Though I would not understand many things that they said, it was fun to watch. I was called “Pokk mon” ( “Gone son!” in malayalam) by my mom. It was fun. Then as I landed in USA I was playing Pokemon training cards of which I had to learn everything from my nephew. From him I learned that the world is richer because there are more pokemons than just kanto ones. Again 9 months hence I am into gaming with Pokemons. Thanks to my friend who has a spare phone, I ditched ingress from my own phone , and started on pokemon in this spare phone which supports the app. Now! that I have the power, I can make a choice.

This leads me to the thought that occurred when I quit watching formula one. But for now, for  a few more days the Pokemon is not going anywhere.

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Great reference for life and sales

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in SellingHow I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger

My rating: 5 of 5 stars…

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I did not expect to give such a title for reviewing a book that had the ” How to ..” in its title. But the book “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger truly does justice to the common conversations, which more or less involves selling. Yes, selling is the single most important activity that no one in this world can escape from. Not just as a consumer, but as a salesperson. Everyone in this world has in one way or another sold something. The success of the common person is so much depended on this skill. But the skill is not very common. Proper training is often not given. This involved selling ourselves through resumes and interviews and applications. It also involves selling our idea for a group to agree upon. Selling to give and take respect. Selling to be heard and be given, to be forgiven and to be helped. An unassuming person goes through these activities throughout their life. This is however, not realized in its true sense and sales is often a skill that is looked down upon. Just imagine a world without sales. No. It is beyond imagination. In fact, such a world without sales does not exist.

The things that we sell include idea, material, design, equipment, the self, opinion, religion, customs, belief, medicine and illusions. There may be some categorization of the market such as socialist and capitalist, either way sales happen. Life and sales are so close that they cannot be distinguished from one another. This makes the omnipresence of sales and apparent neglect of which leads to a class of people called salespeople who are looked down upon for no reason of theirs.

Here is the video of a student selling himself at a career fair through rap

This faintly resembles me of the legendary Malayalam movie Daya. Where a slave sells herself to save her Master. If you have attended any salary negotiation workshops, then this becomes more evident.


Now! if you still think that selling stinks that is because you have not read this book.  Every single page is a lesson for sales, for life.  One among the many things that the book prompts the reader is to read about Benjamin Franklin. The book sells itself in the beginning by quoting Dale Carnegie and the author’s interaction with this legend.


Effective sales happen when

  • You are enthusiastic, act enthusiastic, feel enthusiastic
  • Track your failures and that will lead to success, when you take corrective actions
  • To make a sale you need an order, which needs an interview which does not happen until you make the call
  • Speak before groups , get courage and self confidence
  • Serve the need of the customer.
  • Make appointment, be prepared , focus on a point, ask questions, have a winning attitude.
  • Find the hidden objection, by asking “Why?”, see that these objections vanish from prospect.
  • Know your business
  • Praise competitors
  • Get direct witness or testimony.
  • Remember names, make friends
  • When you are scared admit it
  • Immediately after the pitch write what could be improved
  • Take care of customers and appreciate their property
  • Sell your appointment, sell your interview, then make the sales.

The book then urges one to know more about the magic method of Benjamin Franklin to improve the self.


Frank Bettger’s book is worth multiple re-reads.

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Narrative of the Blunder termed war

Brig.  J.P Dalvi gives a clear account of want exactly happened at the India- China war (1962), which was less than a war in his book, “The Himalayan Blunder”. The motivation to read this was reading about VK Krishna Menon , the then Defence Minister of India. The title given is great because it happened in the Himalayas and was a huge (Himalayan) in its very sense.

Even if you one is not into wars and more into peace and freedom of choice resting with peace than something evil as war, a history such as this cannot be ignored. Being prepared, anticipating the possibilities is better than having nothing to defend with than the grandiloquence of peace. As a true Indian nobody would support war. And ministry of defense is truly a matter of defense than offense, compared to other nations.

Of course, the world of humans have not learned much even with great people like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela having walked the earth. But at-least acknowledge that history.

The author has a nice narrative style. It is unassuming and very explanatory and easy to follow with the map provided. Many place are difficult to pronounce. But the pattern is there. After describing the background of the political and economic situation of a brand new country and the leaders at the top, their chemistry and the Army positions, it is easy to follow the actual events in its sequence, with the dates provided. I do not know if this book is a reference in the Defense department but definitely a good read for an average Indian to learn about what happened at that time. The author acknowledges his situations and challenges in a very comprehensive way. The book becomes easy to follow this way. And what is better than reading a narrative from the man who was in the conditions.

The writing is definitely very humble to have given all the conditions and expectations of the “war” scenario and what made it a blunder. It was also interesting to read about the fame of the 2 Rajputs, 9 Punjabs and 1/9 Gorkhas and 4 Grenadiers during the world war elsewhere. It is always good to know the history and why the NEFA had problem with China is not yet known, other than the Chinese ambitions and disregard for McMohan Line. My understanding is that the fall of Tibet was not anticipated and India was more towards appeasing the west than immediate neighbours, including Tibet and China at that time. It was surprising to note that the army was not trained in Chinese language and the Chinese Army, some of them, knew Hindi. That was a big surprise. Of course, we expect spies in the NEFA(North East Frontier Agency) region and in any war situation the political bias and national affinity matters. I do not know why we had nothing much to learn about this ” Himalayan blunder” or the history of the north-east regions in our textbooks (2004 Kerala State Syllabus or lower classes). We had a good amount of data to learn about the politics of USA, Independence movements in Africa, India & Pakistan, History of Travancore with the background of various kingdoms like Choyha, Chera and Pandya in addition to the Mughals. I am surprised why I was never taught about the North east region except for the names of these states and their capitals.

However, the effort to write the book, is highly appreciated. The very humble factual narrative, assuming responsibilities also suggesting what could have been the case, makes this a history to remember. And now that people who are looking for can easily get access to the situation that was a blunder.


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Lessons from Violin: how to choose one

This is from the Book by W.C Honeyman. A very old book (1893)  borrowed through the inter-library loan had to be handled carefully. It is a small but dense book. Things to learn are written by the expert W.C Honeyman. In addition, the way in which the book is written is also very interesting , including the usages and references (mostly UK based).

First thing the book does is to bust the myth on the affinity for Stradivarius violin and why it happened, the history and the economics of it. It is interesting to find rating of violin makers in the sequence of priority as

Gasparo da Salo > Maggini > Guarnerius > Stradivarius > Amati.

For me , except for Stradivarius all others are new names in the field. This the author says is because of the known scarcity of violins from these and other makers. The comparative abundance of Stradivarius invited multiple copies of the same to be made, not from the legend , but due to the economy of popular demand became the known name for violins.

Lessons for choosing a violin include , among many tips, these >

  • Check for the tone of the violin.
  • Some notes may sound odd, these are called as “wolf-notes” based on the wood and position of the sound post, and full contact of the sound post. This may be a few notes, especially the higher notes which will be never produced right due to the manufacturing of the violin. There are many violin which goes in the market with the wolf- notes undiscovered, the discovery of which leads to decreased value of the violin, though it is named under many of the great manufacturers.

And then, there are some tips for practicing the violin given in the book:-

  • First thing for a violinist to do is to practice scales daily.
  • Secure first and third fingers before second and fourth.
  • A long note, requiring separate bows may be played to sound continuous by taking the pressure away from the bow slightly, before the moment of reversing.
  • Keep violin away from dust. Even dusting can remove varnish, if dusting is done frequently.
  • It is good to keep in mind that it is not the string but the wood that makes the sound.
  • Try to read Corelli’s solos Op.5 Book I
  • Put weight on left foot , if standing.
  • Grab the opportunity to play with others.
  • Best violin is not always expensive
  • Check for tone from pianissimo to forte
  • Equal height for all strings
  • Violin should be held upwards falling towards the player.
  • And some tips to take care of the violin includes using a damp cotton and wire to clean the inside of the violin.
  • This book is worth many re-reads and guides as a good reference.
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Being Rich: Richest Man in Babylon

In all classes to richness and courses to richness, business building seminars and rich friends and rich relatives, the base attraction is to know the ways to rich. Unlike some other self-help book to richness. This book “The Richest Man in Babylon” narrates a story. A story in its real sense because except for first few pages, it dwells deep into the story, with the style of writing and conversations. It is perfectly readable once you read through first few pages which are written in old style English, to give a feel of the olden times of Rich Babylon.

From the wikipedia, the place is in Iraq


Since we do not know the language, it does not matter. It is in Old English in new form, not Arabic.

And the major portion of the story goes from rags to riches. It is not a moderate guy getting rich. It is mostly, a person who spend beyond measure or got into ill fortune and then got dragged down to the level of slaves and how they work their way back based on the following points , which are mentioned in the beginning of the book.

Points to note

  • Mind your expenses
  • Save money
  • Invest money
  • Work, earn, be willing to explore
  • Get a house which is a profitable investment

So, everyone knows this. Then how much do you save? and how much do you live on?

The formula given is

save 1/10 th of earning

live on 7/10 th

pay off the debt using 2/10 th

invest the saved money. make the money work.


The author George Clason is from USA, so the comparison and the onus of saving is targeted at the lifestyle of USA.

As anyone knows you should not live beyond your earnings. And saving money is second nature in many oriental cultures (like Babylon!). This book may reassure this nature for people who flocked to the land of opportunities.

Good luck in getting rich.



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Reading: The Monk who sold his Ferrari

I had taken the book in hand twice before. But, both the times I was not happy with the way it was written. The beginning of the book seemed to try and build a background on which to put all the philosophy. I tended to ignore the story in my third time. The background story is just to show the philosophy. It is like some old Bruce Lee movies were a story is build just to show off Bruce Lee’s martial arts and skills rather than the story it self. But this mode of approach may have been the fashion style when the book was first published , 1999. However, I finished the book, finally. It was easy once I focused on what I wanted out of the book. Not the story of Julian, the character in the book, but the philosophy.

There are a few points worth remembering. Most of them reinforcing the practices of Indian culture of meditation and mantra. This may work as a boost for the Indians abroad who tend to confuse the cultures and end up nowhere. The addition of Japanese words and sumo wrestler adds spice to the story. Easily disregarded.


“Never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it…commit a goal to  paper.. create a dream book”


“Power of ritual”

“No man is free who is not a master of himself” – Epictetus

“kaizen = never ending improvement”

“Limits on your life are those that you set yourself”


“Not improving your mind or nourishing your spirit, is like , not having time to stop for gas because you are busy in driving”


The book refers to

1.The Story of My Experiments With Truth

2. Siddhartha

3.Think and Grow Rich

There is a small section where Robin Sharma discusses the contradiction of ” living with simplicity ” and “happiness through achievement”. But what invokes a book of discussion on the topic itself is dealt less and mostly with digression.

My take on the topic that achievement is based on the goal you set. The goals when achieved gives happiness. If the goals are great but involves simplicity in action. Many greats have achieved the greatness by being simple in life. No pride, no jealousy, no pretension, perseverance on job at hand .

The book also says

“Man” = mind, “tra” = freeing, Mantras free the mind.

Talk to yourself, how you would like to see yourself as. Repeat the mantra everyday.

Busy , productive people are very efficient with their time.

“Time is a non-renewable resource”

In all, it was an achievement to read this book. Nevertheless, the content of the book is valuable.
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A Walk to Canada

Proximity of a country at walking distance rarely arrives when you are stationed in a big country like USA. The closeness to the international border was not thought to be as close. I never had a chance to cross an international border by foot. It would have been a big tragedy, remembering the partition of India and people crossing by foot the newly created international border at that time.

The understanding between countries help the people in the border and is great boon to random tourists like me who is in Buffalo for some other reason, studying, rather than tourism.


The chill factor of summer lets the mind go random and for me it was the desire to cross the country by walk. Being an international student on F1 Visa in the USA I applied for Canada visa. Duly received it. Like a good new generation guy, showed it to friends, updated in facebook, planned my international travel and executed it.

I put it on Google Maps, took a print out, in case the phone becomes unresponsive.

I had to be double careful to have all documents in hand so that I can have my journey with no issues at the two entry points, viz Canada and USA. I got to downtown Buffalo as one of my friends were heading to Buffalo General Hospital. I started walk from Buffalo General to Mather Park, Fort Erie, Ontario.

I had to be sure that I am not going the wrong way. Since , google shows the shortest route for walking, it is better and energy-conserving to follow the path. I had to refer to the printed page of map in between just to make sure that I am going in the right direction.

On the way i was happy to see the Allentown arts festival. Allentown has its own history in Buffalo. Though it cannot boast of hundreds and thousands years of heritage as we do back in India, it still has something in it. There was some Latin American music on the street with the traditional drums and their unique beats. There were shops the completely took over the roads. Traffic was blocked for these two days. June 11 and 12, 2016. My plan was to have a short stay at the Mather Park , Ontario and return before night. The distances mentioned in miles in the maps can be misleading to the unfamiliar eyes and legs. 3.2 miles shown in the map is 5.1 km. This is not a normal casual walk. Luckily , there are many parks on the way where i could sit and relax. My first stop was at Symphony Circle. I had been there, have walked till there to attend the Kick off meeting of the pre-seed workshop. Unlike India, where you can walk anywhere and piss anywhere, here, the possibility of public urination is zero, a public offense. So, I was told that all shops have restroom and I could ask permission and have the job done, in case it was needed.  After a 10 minutes rest at the symphony circle for the unacquainted legs, I continued. From symphony circle I continued walking, the temperature was perfect for a walk. Not too hot, not too cold, the Goldilocks standards of sorts .

After the prospect park , before the front park I take a right and it goes all the way under the bridge, this is the path for pedestrians and bikes (cycles). I see the peace bridge from under the bridge and take a turn to approach the turnstile date to the peace bridge.




I was wondering if they would be checking my documents at the R.F Willson Administrative Building. I waited and an officer told me I could go and on returning press the button at the door of the building to get the documents checked.  So I had the walk. The walk to Canada was under construction. I saw that some nice infrastructure is coming up. But the entry point to Canada at the current condition for pedestrians is not so welcoming. There was a big queue of vehicles which wanted to pass through the inspection. I was on the fastest mode, since I was the only pedestrian there.


The officers at Canada border were very helpful. Though I was this strange lone guy walking to another country. They were very pleasant and approachable. They told me how to walk to Mather Park with a cool walk along the river side. The Waterfront trail had lot of seagulls and kingfisher birds busy getting their lunch and hanging out. Another strange and old friends that I found there were the mosquitoes. I was like a magnet attracting almost all the mosquitoes on my pant. I had a busy time shooing and beating them to death. International Crime under the Peace Bridge! These were some very hungry mosquitoes with very less momentum and energy. They should go to Kochi and learn the tricks of their trade. I had a few clicks of the Peace Bridge from the Waterfront Trail, Canada. And kept walking to the Mather Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was the only person at the Mather Park on Sunday evening. I found company with a spider who had the whole park bench for itself. If the spider was on airbnb I would paid generously. For it was a very satisfying, heart-filling feel of having accomplished something. Looking from the spider’s kingdom at Mather Park, the peace bridge, so near and was so busy but did not affect me. Peace was mine!

I stayed there for some time. Enjoyed singing my songs. Had the light breeze and the fresh air on me. After some time , with enough rest, I started back. As the officer had suggested there was an approach to bridge from the Mather Park. The stop sign read in English and French. Reminded me of the railway level crossing at Vepagunta. And then the international peace bridge.  more pictures to swank were taken. I said ‘Hi’ to the construction worker who adjusted the traffic cones for the change of signals over the bridge. Canada, entered the international boundary line and entered USA all within 30 seconds. The bridge was again full of trucks, the smell of diesel was bad enough to spoil the mood. The vastness of river , the seagulls and the swimming ducks tried to compensate for it. The wind tried hard to take away the unpleasant smell. The bridge rattled as the vehicles passed through, with the power of wind there is an illusions that you are swaying and moving, a nice experience.

I officially entered the USA after the inspection at the Administrative building. There was this biker who had come biking from the beach. An inspiration to go biking to Canada next time. I walked to Allen Station NFTA Metro , and took metro to my home. The total expense, other than the visa, of the international trip was due to this $2 USD.



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Fuel of life : ATP – A Targeted Plan

If you want to achieve something. Plan.

This is THE MOST important and first step to achieve your goals.

It is mentioned in all possible self help books that you can find.

Listing some

Think and grow Rich

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
Even “root” once said about PhD advisor’s motto

Decide what you want. Go get it


And Les Brown says that too.

Ambition is the most desired character in any field. That is in one way a natural trait of humans. “Ambitions unlimited” seem to be the genetic motto of humans. But by some circumstances people tend to be mediocre. Ambition boosts once self confidence. The end result of ambition, called “Success” is what people envy about. Never once have I heard people say that I envy someone’s ambition. The mediocre guy pretends ignorance to ambitions or act like a jealous Indian, forgetting conveniently that there is no limit to excel.  They overreact when someone says Plans can fail. They do not see that at the end of a failure there is success.  Thus, in a sequence not planning lead to non-failure, planning is often never done due to fear of failure. Even if texts which are centuries old, Bhagavad Gita, and later literature urge one that fear of failure should not be a deterrent to success.

Knowing this the very next best step to do is to decide. Though indecision, is also a decision. (Remembering Narasimha Rao‘s famous ” inaction is also action”). Some spritual schools may definitely believe in indecision as decision. Also, decision can be reached by this sort of elimination method.

Let us think what a decision can do.

We know that ambitious people have a plan, a focus , a decision. This decision leads to A Targeted Plan = ATP . Like the ATP molecules which are the energy units of the human body cells. A Targeted Plan can change the way of life. As the Inventor Charles Kettering said ” A Problem well stated in a problem half solved” . The decision leads to well stated target. This target leads to single-minded focus. Which helps us to stay organized around this central idea or theme. Focus is essential , as in cameras, to get the clear picture. The decision to follow the target plan, with persistence of effort naturally lead to the desired success. Some people are brilliant at multi-tasking, some are brilliant in coming to a decision fast, some are slow, some are great at choosing the right decision, some are excellent in analyzing the available choices to arrive at the decision. All the further activities are determined by the decided mind.

Ambitious people know their weakness. And work towards bettering it. Decision lets you prioritize and rearrange the tasks at hand. Decisions by ambitious keeps them moving.

Like the great Taxi driver who told about his son’s life.

“A motor without load will burn”

His son, he said, started like him, as a driver. He took bike on loan, paid it off, got a car on loan, paid the loan through his rides; took house on loan and paid it off by hard work. Because of this all banks are happy to lend him money. Because they know he has proven record of repayment on time. He said whatever his son has made is through his own hardwork and persistence, without anybody’s help. The load that he took upon himself , the ambition, made him a successful person that his father is proud of. Without that load of ambition the talents as a human would have burned and become useless.

The ambition of  person can be limitless. In fact, ambition should drive one towards a positive life, made possible by decisions and actions. No wonder truly ambitious people stay focused and achieve what they want.

Ten years back, when I wrote the Kerala Engineering , Agricultural and Medical Entrance Exam, I scored mediocre marks. A family friend asked me why you are not on the top. As was my track record in his perception. I said I was not decided on what I wanted. It reflects directly on the results. This is a fact. This is an experience. At the same time, I have achieved stuff on which I was ambitious, decided what I wanted and stood focused. Come what may, that ends up in success. The good thing about being ambition is same as that of education.

More education paves way for more venues to learn. As ambitions leads to success, that success paves way for more success. It is all a matter of persistence. And all we need is to keep the fuel of life or ATP well stocked in our tanks.


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Think and Grow Rich, Review

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good book for people seeking self help. To think, to grow, to be rich. As Napolean says richness in it s broader sense, not necessarily money. This single interpretation opens up things to discuss that could be classified as chapters and numbered to give the count on reasons, opinions and suggestions on life and richness.
Personally, I feel the motivation to read the book was high in the first few pages , about 80 and then declined rapidly as the author goes into thought process, sixth sense and the fabled opinions of the society back home in India. It is as if he just discovered the same back in the days of USA’s depression. In this the patriotic fervour is great, which other nations should probably learn from. Patriotism in a self help book!

Writing is generally old boring style, while the content keeps the reader engaged. There are some quotes from Emerson et al, which are in regular use in USA daily. Also, this book was written, probably with a thought, to have it as a reference, for future books, which invariably referred and quoted from this book as the first book to go into the reasoning of richness and ways to be there. This may also be motivated by the factor of the reduced use, or popularity, of religion and the schemes of spiritualism to attain the same richness in this part of the world. Does this give license to people to use the same principles and get away with a best seller? Of course, the principles are for everyone to use. I could say this much with Hindu cultural background.

Among many things there are 3 notable collections:-

10 Major causes of failure in leadership

30 major causes of failure which holds you back

Self analysis questionnaire for personal inventory

Chapter 11 onwards is crazy, not for the mild hearted, that concludes with St.A Lincoln’s miracular appearance urging the author to write!

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PM Narendra Modi at the Joint Meeting of U.S Congress

This post is for my collection

The listeners burned a good lot of calories for their very frequent applause.

Did not know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a website with complete address that could be read.

Here is the link

Heard the complete address in HD

More info on Wall Street journal’s ‘live’ blog

Rise of PM Narendra Modi and India-US relation from Washington Post

and MP Shashi Tharoor tweets it




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