Hartal / Strike Entry for July 03, 2008

30 Jul

Entry for July 03, 2008
Strike!It had been a pleasant week after the KSU strike.
But the political/religious parties won’t set the public free.
The VHP had set out to strike this time,BJP backs it.The University exams were postponed.The Hartal was partial in the South of Kerala.Private buses and Autorickshaws were not available,but the public could take their vehicle out on the road.

As to why the harthal was partial there are rumours as well as facts.
It is said that the Harthal was partial in the South just because the INC and the ruling party may beat the hartalites.VHP happens to be opposite to both the opposition and ruling party.
As to the full harthal in the upper region,there was no major police force to control the harthal-ites.Also VHP is stronger in the South and Weaker by number in the North..

Contract taxis did run,they reaped the benefit of the situation.They run on the a silent assurance that the VHP may not block them just because of their conflict with the major parties.

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