What made a good friday

30 Jul

There was the general excitement on joining a new course:the IBM COWT.Got attracted by the subjects taught and the IBM certificate,the fee was an add-on.We needed a minimum of ten people.But got only a tentative number of 7.needed three more,3 days to go for application,could we make it?Constant thoughts of future plans haunted the day before.The daily routines,the schedule,will it be hectic,and all kinds of funny things and ideas.Sometimes the mind unleashes itself away from the prudence,and the result is frustration and mayhem.

The plan was almost out of hand at a time ,then all of a sudden we got 7 confirmed.The four people we had contacted weren’t sure whether to come or not.The last day arrived thoughts went wild.

in the morning we were confirmed of 10 people.Oh!how happy my friend was.i had to catch the train i the evening and also fill the application form.But the sir engaged us with a derivation till 1535.The train was at 1600.I filled up the form and decided to go to the railway station by auto rickshaw.After getting my baggage to the junction,I was forced to get into the public transport(the bus),for no auto could be found,the watch worked very sincerely.I got into the train without a ticket.Never in my four years of frequent rail journey have I done this kind of thing.My friend jokingly prayed for “oh god let the TTE catch him”.I listened to his “loud prayer without expression.

It is said that the bad and the evil will hear our pray sooner than the mighty gods.It really happened ,TTE arrived,there was also a police man.I told him that I was a student and that There was class and the crowd at the ticket counter at the railway station.He listened ,but said”I understand that you have genuine problem,its second Saturday and there’ll b rush,I am charging you only a minimum of Rs.318/-“Fortunately I had about 316.When given he said “OK I’ll give you a ticket to Aluva“.Then a man near me gave Rs2/to the TTE.(Was he god?May be yes)

I did have six of my “friends”who didn’t move an inch from the doorsteps,but this unknown man helped me!

At Shoranur we all got out.My purse was empty.Nothing could be bought which could satiate my stomach.My “friends” gathered around me,asked about the fine and stuff.The”Friend who prayed asked me sorry.The journey was to resume ,the train moved,I slipped my step,was about to fall,but managed to get inside the train(thank god).We had a lot of fun inside the train till the end of the journey.

“All is well that ends well”-said Shakespeare

So did the “good Friday“.

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