God:the chat

30 Jul


  • Jun. 21st, 2008 at 10:44 AM

Root happens to be an agnostic.Why?………..find out.

One day when I had some leisure time I went to the ROOT.Picking up a conversation is a piece of cake for him.
He started.

#:”I am a big agnostic”

$:”I have heard you telling that before,Isn’t that a way of escapism.

#:”I believe that there is a total universal energy governing and controlling all matter,living or not,on earth.It (the energy is a part of the system which it governs and the universe covers the system and the matters governing the system.

$:<hm,he system is likely to be infinite.>
“Tell me how do you define a theist?”

#:”A theist is one who believes that there is an omnipresent ,all pervading force which rate us and our deeds and the marks would be totalled to get the aggregate marks.By looking at the marks the “god” judges the person’s conduct and decides whether he deserves the hell or the heaven.”

Theist in its true sense is better than atheist.
Theist says that he believes in God .Blindly or not,the belief matters.
But the atheist says,he doesn’t believe in God.The problem may be that there is no strict definition of God and understanding the term varies from person to person.
But atheists do believe in something-his relatives, father, mother, siblings or on himself or a friend. Thus, the Atheist technically is a believer. The basis of science is truth and logical arguments. .If someone opposes the existence of God, he/she should prove it by science and logic. No atheist has enough arguments to contest the existence of God.

Beyond a certain level of philosophy or theology there is no mentioning of God.For it all ends saying ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ in different ways.”

The people ,the common man generally does not guide his belief by reasoning or logic.He ends up seeing the Bible saying ‘There is no God’. While it actually says ‘There is no God other than the Holy Father.’ <I don’t remember the exact words.>
When you cover some part of it you get the Bible saying that ‘There’s no God.”! Such things can be replicated in many aspects of life. When you hear or read something, you have to see or read it in full and not assume something after reading or seeing just a part of it.

There happens to be agitation among some fellow beings about Bhagavat Gita where Lord Krsna says that “The four castes were made by me”
The full text says that ‘The four castes were made by me based on the characteristics of the individuals for the welfare of all’.

$:<It could ‘ve been better if they had read the ‘Purushasuktham’ besides the Gita
which says that the four castes are the parts of the Virat Purush’s body.>

#:”Such people are basically ignorant. They lack the power of Knowledge. they don’t have  even the basic knowledge to guide themselves to read the full text, of Gita or the Bible,and then interpret.”. Even simpler things like reading a news item and understanding the content is hardly achieved by them.

$:<So foolish of them,Do I happen to be one?!>

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