Linux and FOSS concept:A state of anarchy? Monday, June 9, 2008

30 Jul

Monday, June 9, 2008

Linux and FOSS concept:A state of anarchy?

Does Linux and free and open source software spread a state of anarchy,where anywhere can do anything,resulting in a complete mess?

That was a question raised by my friend who is somewhat neck-deep in politics.Both of us agreed on the concept of equal rights and ,distribution,freedom.But this particular question has got serious implications.

“Isn’t it right that FOSS propagates the concept of anarchy!”I think yes,for there are good people and bad people in this world,when there is an unstable proportion of good and bad,there is a war.Anywhere in the world,any fields,any relationships,the conflict is mainly between ideas.

For the bad,the good is untouchable;for the good the bad is unseeable.Linux and FOSS are good for the good and bad .It satiates the need for both sides.While most Linux users turn out to be hackers(ethical or not) an average computer doesn’t come to know about the basics of programming and hacking.So chances are good for the bad who use Linux to start hacking in the bad sense.But from Vedas and the Gita we know that when the truth disappears and the world turns bad ,the Lord will take avatar and wipe the earth neat and clean.So no worries.The good always wins.

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