Nanotechnology (a poem)

30 Jul

Nanotechnology (a poem)

Nano is the tiny word we use
Ten power minus nine we deduce
Why do we need another word?
For good?bad?or the pity mad?

When it’s raining
And afraid of draining
Get under the nano
Rain is no problemo.

When you want a car,
And your purse is on the tar,
Think of buying nano,
Car is no problemo.

This is how they sell,
Just ring them a bell.
To the place you dwell,
They bring it very well.

All these misnomers,
Attract all customers.
The company turns prosperous,
Since the world is delirious.

What is there in a name,
For the life is just a game,
Don’t be dumb and lame,
Or have fun watching the mime.

Nano is in technology,
Take Chemistry or Biology,
All follow the very pedagogy,
Call it never a bad bogey.

Come on all,for its your day,
March your way,Come what may,
In the the path of knowledge,
And burn the common effigy.

originally posted on Jul 3/2008

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