Plastic Menace:the chat

30 Jul

Plastic Menace

  • Jun. 21st, 2008 at 9:58 AM

#:”Hello,you know something?The 30 micron plastic cover from Fabmall (a Birla group Super market) was used for 8 months.It became quite famous in the locality. It could carry water bottle to my office, vegetables to the house and lot many things.”

“Earlier 10 micron and 6 micron covers were provided by the shopkeepers. The problem was that the cover could break or tear away very easily,and it didn’t last long.So people would throw the plastic bags and this caused the plastic menace.”

“That is why the Government made it mandatory to distribute plastic of 50 micron or of more thickness.People could now reuse it and the plastic waste get reduced.This helped to cut down the earlier menace. In spite of whatever all those environmentalists say plastic can not be replaced totally.”

$:”What about the packaged drinking water. Is there any rule about its specifications?.Also what about the pet bottles available in plenty?”

#:”The packaged drinking water bottles is made up of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate(PET).It is a Government rule to sell drinking water in such bottles.” “Strictly speaking it is meant for just one time use (theoretically).Ideally PET bottles should be recycled after a single use. Practically it can be used for longer time.The rule was made so that the bottling units and manufacturers kept their thoughts away from reusing the PET bottles.The reuse may eventually lead to the duplicate and non-genuine bottlers to reuse the bottles.”

$:”Ok,so the rule is actually good and sensible.”
What is the pet bottle made up of.The bottles that we use for keeping pickles and the pet bottles we get with soft drinks.”

#::”The “pet” bottle is just a ,marketing name.It is made of Poly Propylene (PP) and can be reused any number of times.After ones death His children and grandchildren can use it.”

“The soft drink bottles are made of PET(Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) and should be discarded when the bottle starts changing its texture.”

$:”How do you know that the texture has changed?”

#:”Just like your clothes the PET also changes texture.After washing and wearing for a long time the cloth’s texture changes.You can feel it with your hands.The PET’s texture change can be seen by the naked eye.You can see tiny grains in the PET.At that time you have to discard your PET.”

“The Munnar people are very environment conscious.They are using only bio-degradable .Poly Styrene bags. Polyethylene (the common plastic) bags are not distributed. For the common man everything is plastic.Poly Styrene,Polyethylene and Poly Propylene are just plastic for them.”

“During my official visits I had to  visit a Professor at CUSAT(Cochin University of Science and Technology).Basically a microbiology Professor and quite brilliant a man. He had done experiments and found that If a PET bottle filled with water is kept at a place with sunlight, after so may hours the water is found to be bacteria-free.

“But that was just a microbiologist’s perspective. In that case a good observation too. But the professor was enlightened later. He had not considered the PET’s reaction and its effects.Pet is actually a bye-product of petroleum industry.It comes from gas extraction process.PET usually consists of some heavy metals.During normal usage it does not cause trouble.But when PET bottles are filled with chilled water,the heavy metals come out.PET contains some heavy metals,the list includes Arsenic.”(Quite famous to cause deaths of many popular figures across the globe).

$:”what about cold water?”

#:”There is no problem, filling the PET with cold water.’Chilled’ means the ice formation has begun.When taken out from chilling system there is a transition of water from solid(ice) to liquid(water).The densities change and chances are in favour for the heavy metals to come out of the PET and go into the water.
Hot water shouldn’t be used in PET. Filling the PET in room temperature is the best method.”

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