Human Welfare ? Saturday, 19 January 2008

30 Jul

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Human Welfare?

I have always wondered why humans do things for human welfare and benefits.Aren’t the life of other living things not worthy of the same or better welfare and care.

Then I heard that Cockroaches have been on earth from time non-mappable,they are the organisms which can resist even nuclear/radioactive reactions and radiations.
When I was too young I was told by grown-ups that they have a life equivalent to that of Bheeshmacharya(Heroic warrior in the greatest of all epic-Mahabharata).He had a unique boon of choosing when to die.

All these silently imply that it doesn’t really matter whether we care about others beings,other species,or other life forms.
We are the only species which can cause extinction of our self.So careful…….

its for our benefits that we live.Always be careful about ourself and if possible other human beings around.

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