Mobile maniacs

30 Jul

Mobiles have been of high usage recently.

It had been found that it causes cancer.
Many have started using earphones and limit their duration of talking ours.

mobile phones had been of great help.To talk on the go was a dream in the olden days.

Mobiles have advanced so much that you can nowadays type and print big documents with a few clicks.Besides the Internet on the go and FM radio,Camera and video,the mobile has almost become a palmtop.

But the non-sensible use of the phones are causing much harm to the students,teachers and the common man.

People talk incessantly,play loud music and capture videos and photos whenever they get time.These non productive activities has degraded the standard of society.

Many a time we can see mobile phone kept for charging.In railway stations,government offices,in schools and colleges!Nobody cares about the battery life nor energy saving.For them entertainment and communication is everything.Nothing can stand in its way.”To hell with Energy saving.The life we have should be enjoyed the maximum.A little of mobile charging or music won’t do much harm.”This is the attitude of many.

Many use mobile for sheer pleasure.Music and videos are the most preferred applications.They don’t listen to music but they love noise.Even though there are enough and more opportunities for citizen journalist in newspaper and on the net rarely do people use them.In a state like Kerala the citizen journalism can do much to improve the social conditions and bring happenings to public and Government notice.

With the rapid advancement of consumer electronics,large demand,and smaller prices,the telecommunication and mobile industry,no doubt, is going to flourish.The Reliance Telecommunications is one of the examples of how the telecommunication industry can grow.
A little management skill from the Ambani would do the trick.

Is there an end? Apparently No.One thing human beings love to is communicate.Since we remain human beings the mobile revolution is never going to end.
Recently an English channel had news on Blackberry addiction.People read emails in toilet!
The condition is almost same here in India.If we do to get a miss call or an sms we start worrying and the day is lost.I am leaving the topic of most mobile users(who happen to be lovers).

The Effects and Impacts

Students have thrown away their books and started on e-books,some people cannot learn if there is no music.When the addiction goes to a large scale,the students lose their attention and patience,they perform poorly in exams and start cheating in the examinations.Thus what would have been a bright future would turn to be dark and dull.The addiction in any form viz. drugs,drinks,Internet or any obsession is unwarranted.

The Indian environment has cultivated very good brains but to lose the brain’s capability by unwanted activities must be controlled and the brain’s should be brought back to track.Strict regulations on mobile phone usage must be implemented.The government can do much to curb the problem of energy.think of 100 billion people charging their mobile phones!Mobile phones should be banned where landlines are available.

To talk about the biological impacts:

Radiation in any form is undesirable.Strict scientific methods should be taken for placement of towers.
A public awareness campaign should be conducted on proper usage of mobile phones.In a constitution like ours the industrialists should be enlightened that the public security came first and not their business ventures.

Looking forward for a prosperous nation…

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