Hark lovers,you are worth a billion

30 Jul

Hark lovers,you are worth a billion

Love is to express,not to impress…………………………Who bothers!

wrote some folks on the wall of college.
There have been big ads by Tourism Ministry’s”the Incredible India” which shows some children who ask some couples to stop spoiling the monuments.

There have been songs and films which show all the crazy and weirdest things on earth accomplished by lovers.Some come up with another personality just for loving(The film Aparichit/Anniyan-multiple personality disorder).Some say they can study well thinking about their love.But the most incidents end up in tragedy.Or tragedies are more popular.

Recently in ‘The Hindu” there was a news titled “Fatal Kiss”.Two lovers (one was 30 yr old)were kissing each other in the middle of railway track.The train duly arrived,one died the other was critical.

People say that the greatest tomb ever,one of the wonders of the world,the Taj Mahal was symbol of love.But considering the human physical effort ,the value in terms of money and time ,which was spend on something like a tomb;says how foolish a king would be to spend the wealth of country on such a thing.

French president Sarkozy wanted to bring his lover to India!The Government officials were confused on how to receive that lady.Remember that the Government works on our money(payed as taxes)and the time spend for such things could be better utilised.

Sure,such incidents run some newspapers and other media.The whole film industry runs on love stories.The songs are designed especially for them.How much does a medium budget Hindi film cost?If that money spent on mere entertainment could be used for improvement of the Public infrastructure?!…Who cares..

On another field which gains from love and related subject is the telecommunication industry.The want people to use their system.One class of people who really don’t need some topic to talk upon are lovers.This class also happen to be the majority user of any form of communication,particularly the telecommunication.The easiest marketing strategy is to aim at this class.Some company offer something called”Honeymoon package”with cut down rates.The earth is rotating as well as revolving,so are words changing their meaning and life is changing.

Most billionaires have something to do with telecommunication,either running the telecommunication industry or providing the support,technology,research and development for it.Now how can anyone interested in business and marketing hate lovers?Even if some relations break the customs and cultural barriers?

u-know-wat …..Lovers,you are worth a billion.long live n cheers

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