1.5 hours on Activa

30 Jul

I had to go to the Ernakulam market to purchase some vegetables,it was uneventful till I got the required and hit the traffic.The Shanmugham road cause no trouble except for the “red-killer”bus‘rash driving and some freaking guys with pulsar in wrong place.

The Chittoor road near SRV school I got held up in the usual traffic,first time in the driver’s perspective.The potholes did cause trouble.Most of the two-wheelers took themselves through the footpath,I also tried it for a short strip.I have only did that in the computer game “Roadrash”.There was a long pause just before the Valanjambalam junction.

The two wheelers continued their footpath journey,to get the feeling of being traffic-jammed I kept silent and started humming my favourite”Munbe Vaa” song.A biker which was not near the footpath edge moved between the buses,I saw the bus driver silently swearing at him,at first glance it seemed like he was chanting some slokas.There was a small movement in traffic but not enough for me.

An old man and some guys and some women got into buses at the junction,in spite of warning notice from the police.There was a notice signed by commissioner saying not to get into buses at the junction since a so-and-so tried the same and got a free ticket to the heavens under the wheels of red-killers.Nobody cares the warnings,nobody care about themselves and so no one cares about others.The Malabaris hate the place for this one reason.

After getting over and out of fly-over its just home ground,S.A road,no problems par the the usual negligent and ignoramus drivers.

If someone short-tempered needs to be patient just put him behind the wheels and send him through the Chittoor road,a quick medicine.

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