Superstition and belief

30 Jul

I have been intrigued by the way people believed in the god,the evil and billion superstition.I used to tease people for their silly beliefs.

The Cat
One of the most famous objects of superstition.The Cat sometimes is itself contaning an evil spirit,Sometime it is the pet of some evil soul,the first cat which feared me was a dark one in the famous horror story”Lisa”.Some cats bring bad luck,misfortunes,business failures,bad examinations and in extreme cases a death.

I had a friend who would throw a stone in the path crossed by a cat.He would say that the stone will remove the bad effects caused by cat’s interference of our way.If someone whom we dislike walks in front of us,then also the curse is removed.

Wonderful isn’t it.

The Ghost

There have been a lot of research and hard work from many people debating over the existence,presence or effects of ghost.Most horror movies have their success on white or dark ghosts,mostly feminine ghost(just to add beauty to the evil).

There was a challenge sometime back.One of my friend challenged others.If they could stand at 0000hours midnight at an open place and close their eyes for 5 minutes,after five minutes they are supposed to turn back and look what was behind them.A white light like that of a ghost is supposed to be seen.

Some took the challenge couraged but later returned(after the challenge with goosebumps)


Some people argur that if one is god-fearing then one shouls\d also be believing in Ghost/Devil.
That is quite foolish.It is said that all creatures living or non-living are creations of god.So the “Ghost ” (if at all it exist) must be a God’s creation.God who has no shape ,colour who is indefinite and incompletely defined;will He ever making such a thing as ghost?The synonym for Evil; Lucifer is said to be a disciple of Jesus(the messenger)..Should he create devil,then we should worship the devil too.For all God’s creation deserve equal respect.To frighten people is no God’s job.He probably has better things to do.Hon’ble Albert Einstein said “God does not play dice”.God being an idealisation and perfection.

Belief is one thing and an exaggeration of believes accumulated over ages prone to one’s emotion lead to superstition.Control the emotions and control the self.The mind will then be free from the shackles of fear.

But there is one incident which made me slightly superstitious:
Here goes the event

I wanted to dual boot my PC with Linux and Windows XP.Since I was spending most of the day in front of computer,my ma asked me to shut it down and take rest.I didn’t care.I continued to work.After some more hours she again insisted on me to power it off.I didn’t,I was trying to install the buzzz word of IT ,Linux.Then,she sort of cursed “Let the system get damaged!”(I need a better MALAYALAM->ENGLISH translator).
Then after few minutes the problem started.The windows won’t boot.I couldn’t get into Linux either.I tried to procure an installation CD from my friend,after installation the registration key couldn’t be found.It was sleeping time.I to fix the problem on the next day.I eventually got the registration key after a long search,now the windows won’t boot again.i installed the OS again.Then all of a sudden the CD drive stopped working.I tried to fix the connection inside the tower.No,the CD drive won’t work.A computer service professional was called for.The computer was taken for repair.After one week of trial they said that the system cannot be restored,the only way out was formatting and reinstalling.It was done and later I got the Linux installed in it.

But no one knows what had happened.was it a problem with partitioning,while Linux installation?Then why didn’t the CD drive work?(By the way,A new CD drive had to be installed.).Why didn’t the recovery CD for windows work?

May be,some part of the incident arouse superstition,some coincidental,but some mystery is involved..imperceptible.

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