Working……. on Linux

30 Jul

Saturday, November 24, 2007


As any newbie says”studying linux is a huge sloppy learning curve”.

I had to suffer the configuration of mouse since i had just the CD-1.that itself was a big herculean task :switching between windows and debian learning things from the net jottin it down and the going back to debian and making it work.

There is the headache of getting the modem into debian.
When the service provider was contacted they said that there is linmodem available and the older winmodem wont be taken back.:meaning have to get the new modem and older modem will not b taken back and there is no price difference paid.

Since the sponsor of net is in no situation so as to make me learn the benefits of www in debian ;the plan was dropped.Then there is this winmmodem to linmodem conversion USB modem configuring etc…all of which turned out to be time/money wasted.
but I did learn some commands.

Publishing this blog from windows make my heart sink a little.

May be there is still some twinkling stars in the sky.

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