The Google Chrome

11 Sep

With Google introducing the “Chrome” an open source web browser boasting of high performance, claims to take on major share of the browser market. Having read about chrome consecutively for 3 days I decided to try it. I could find many web pages with analysis of the chrome. The Youtube has some videos too. The cartoon by Google had been a hit.But that constitutes just marketing strategy.Being open source and all can be counted as a marketing technique.


The good features I heard are:

  • Tabbed browsing

  • Incognito mode(privacy)

  • Speed

  • Simplicity

  • Auto completion at address bar

  • The address bar acts as a google search box

  • Javascript application handling like mutli-tasking

  • No more browser hanging

The not-so cool features/views

  • The history of our surfing goes to Google server hindering privacy

  • They copied the framework of browser from “Safari”(a not –so –popular browser)

  • The program consumes almost 48MB compared to Firefox3-26MB ;on WindowsXP

  • The download makes you download an installer and you need a net connection to get it installed. Developers who work just offline; hard luck for them.

Now open source team got to split up in this browser,those who support Chrome and those who hang on with Mozilla and mainly Firefox..



What I experienced:-

  • For a normal user the Chrome is good,It is simple.

  • There is an option to save password automatically.Turn it off and never mind privacy.I suppose they don’t save to track what we visit.They’ll need to know. which site gets higher number of hits.

  • The program is bulky about 48MB 


  • The speed of Chrome and Firefox are similar.


  • With a good collection of addons to go with Firefox Chrome at present cannot compete with high-end users and developers and majority of open source software fans.

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