Challenge Chatni

10 Oct

Monday, 6 October 2008

Challenge Chatni

one week before:-

It was a busy saturday.Had too much to look out for.There was the Army recruitment,FOSS meet at MCC Calicut,The Class at IBM ACE and Challenge Chatni by Doordarshan.

FOSS was something attractive.Army recruitment was too much to digest my physiques won’t allow that.Class at IBM ACE was suspended due to improvement exam of collleagues.So in Chatni was the last and only thing to attend.We 3 were to be a team.There were 3 other teams and we were given 4 problems.We had to solve the problems .The best solution for each problem will be selected to finals.

We started with a shot with all of us saying “Qabool Hai”.They had got the anchor from NIT Calicut,a final year student.There was just a Camera person and director.One camera,one channel,one India.I couldn’t but laugh when they arrived at college in an auto-rickshaw.They spoke Hindi and were lucky enough to find Hindi speaking people ,in our college,as participants.
We had several shots about 2 days.We had to pose the plan then make a model and make it working too.

For the problems and solutions watch Doordarshan “Challenge Chatni” to be telecasted on January 2009.More details only after that.

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One response to “Challenge Chatni

  1. CHALLENGE CHATNI Matiur Rahman

    November 27, 2009 at 07:41

    dear ajeya
    more from less is the philosophy with us. the series “challenge chatni” is still travelling almost all over india..visiting colleges to see how original thinking by future engineers of the country could solve real life challenges.. it will take about a year more for us to complete the reality round shoot in an autorickshaw which we are taking almost again all over india. should soon be able to send you more details of the auto being loaded into an aeroplane to reach locations for shoot. it is also a production study of how a reality round could be shot with just two of us, like the way how a lone unaided grassroots technological innovator stuck in the remote corner of india can solve an age old problem , the drudgery of which we have sadly learnt to live with. all the high tech gadgets in the ivory towers of the country have yet to lift a bucket which is inadvertently dropped into the well or the drudgery of climbing a coconut tree or splitting open an arecanut. kudos to ajeya for being in a hurry to think of solution that beset us.

    yes ajeya u should be able to watch the series “challenge Chatni” and get some new ideas to blog after the studio round shoot (after the completion of the reality round which is almost a year away) in 2011 since we have been getting newer colleges not only from India but from abroad too.

    matiur rahman and poonam chaurasia.



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