Vote 2009

15 May

The day was not unusual.Just like any harthal day the traffic on the road was less.The family was at home and the TV was working hard.Then there was election news all over the channels.

I was wondering whyevery channel showed the same news.Even if they didn’t show people of the state of highest literacy knew that it was an election day.People went to poll,some didn’t.Some channel claim taht they have the best election coverage.Many showed the candidates posing for photos after getting the mark of vote.Then came numbers of all different kinds.They tried to show the percentage of voting at places.

Banners of all different colours and contrast were everywhere.They were suppossed to adorn the roadsides.Catch the eye of the public and persuade and insist them to vote for their colour and symbol,they urged ‘ please vote for us,atleast get out of your house and vote’.

It was after lunch that I felt like going to vote.I found my Voter’s ID  and went to Village office to look up my polling booth.The polling booth had only two voters in front of me.I gave my card got my sign recorded then I found some familiar face in the Voter’s list the oficer had.He’d just crossed my details in blank indicating “I cam to vote”.Wasn’t the face that of Superstar of Malayalam Mammootty in the list!

I pressed the button. The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) beeped asking me to go away rather than thanking me for voting.

Later during the day I found in news that it was Mammootty who was in the list. I am a lucky man in that sense to cast my first vote in the same booth as of a mega star of cinema.But I was unfortunate enough not to see him.Had I been a little earlier I could have caught the star.

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