10 Sep

Onam was as good as the past.Too many films,interviews and programs in the TV. The usual holidays,the sleepiness,the sadya, and a surprise – an unexpected downpour. It was a blessing. Still the usual quota of monsoon rains remain unreached.

The spread of malayalees has caused many tamil TV channels to celebrate Onam.Onam special programs and wishes were pronounced in tamil channels my Lower primary school days,I used to write (or rather ,was taught),to mention Onam as a national festival.It will soon get the needed recognition.thnks to malayalees and their attiutude to migrate,that hhas made this possible.

May Mahabali bless all Malayalees so that in every part of the world, every corporate business celebrate Onam and Onam be an announced holiday throughout the world.

Long Live Malayalees and keralites.

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