22 Nov

I’d been closely watching the OP-ED section in Hindu. Two columns caught my eyes. One was written by Narayana Murty ,the infosys man, also scientific advisor to India Govt. He was talking about why there are not many researchers in India. The countries like USA and China are No 1 and No 2 for producing largest number of researchers. China with a money one-sixth that of USA. For India the number produced here was incomparable with theirs. A better financial package in the IT industry absorbs all good brains. Those who take up research are less and quality of them are also poor. While Govt talk about IITs and IIMs there are many other institutes which make the base level, deserving a mention and care.
On another day there was a writing saying “talent attracts talents”. It said the brains fly to USA not because they want to be part of innovation and research but more because they wanted to be in a place were things were happening in research field. Now that is because there are not much funding and research facilities in India, which inculcate research orientation. A lack of talent pool thus fails to attract more talent. Also, in Govt owned research oriented jobs , seniority was the criteria for better exposure and sign of knowledge. Whereas in foreign ,those who reform get their true returns through patents and recognition.
A talk with root concluded that -In USA there are better facilities not because the Govt funded it but because the industrialists and entrepreneurs are investing on Research resources to innovate and invent. There are many scholarships and funding on that regard. The editor or writer cannot put blame on Dr. Manmohan Singh or Govt to release and provide funds and scholarships, it is the industrialists and entrepreneurs who should give from their pockets some money for research and innovation. TIFR and IISc were the first world class institutes for technologists, they were funded by Tata. There are not many who provide funds to students and research oriented guys. Then there was the seniority issue. In Govt employments to judge one’s achievements ther will be a panel/board/council which decided whom to give the recognition,awards an so on. The panel may be corrupt. There may arise internal conflicts. To maintain a path of least resistance the criterion used for fixing and upgrading salary is seniority.

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