Have I got anywhere<

07 Feb

When exams are near,

And you’ve ‘nt got far;you fear.

The books play hide,

And you hunt ’em all side.

The pleasure of seeking,

hunting,studying and readying,

All ceases the moment you see the smally,

which is the core, the syllabi , how lovely.

Stranger still the way you go jolly,

Until the D-day which comes slowly.

At the end you’ll feel the hell is on you

And you’ll wanna yell and say “tableau”.

Hurricanes in mind never make you seat

When hell is on,you never sense the heat

You’ll wanna run and make all fun

And you’ll tell yourself; “let’s finish this one”.

When the heat resides

And you wonder what’s besides

Only thing you wanna answer

Is , have I got anywhere ?


PS:This is the result of writing Process Control Instrumentation 7th semester Applied Electronics and Instrumentation , University of Calicut.

I would like backgroung jazz and guitar for this poem, if it can be called so.

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