Charismatic Nature

11 Apr

Oh nature! My mother brilliant is your reign;
Like the silent beauty of river;
Yet so much to the gushing water,
Which makes one sense your smile benign.

Unrelentless and non-chalant,
Unnerving and splashing charm.
Unheard of as if in dream,
Uncalled for your whirlpool current.

All away from over the mountains,
All the way from clouds to sea,
How far you run let me see,
Off I go to interpret fountains

Did you know how pure you are?
But when you hit the manly dust;
Your smiles are gone; ugly without lust;
All your elements turn foggy and bizarre.

Blazing pure the sun so shine,
Giving light and hope for all,
All that need fulfilled by thine,
Everything answers your call.

Modest and humble you mumble,
Firing the thought lending your heat,
Things may come, rust and rumble,
Burning hot and cold man retreats.

Wish me rain, wish me spring,
I pray to you kneeling down,
You are my mother, all you own,
Let my dream accomplished you bring.

How so sweet the long stick of cane,
Nothing great you think you feel,
I search your zest and got insane,
I want to know more, you know my zeal.

You pause my brain at my hunger,
Pressing me to forget you and the rest,
You make me run, drench and lunger,
Forcing me to regret and muse at earthly arrest.

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One response to “Charismatic Nature

  1. sulochanosho

    April 11, 2010 at 12:09

    Nature power is more.



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