when your old classmate ROXX!!

11 Apr

Manukrishnan was a very good singer and percussionist bringing trophies and fame to C.C.P.L.M.A.I.H.S. Perumanoor, Kochi- 15

After 10th standard people part, some later link up. But no one expects their classmate to be RockiNn>\m/

Vlad jr a.k.a Manu now drums roX in some part of this country. I heard from him that he drums for many bands.

But yesterday, I saw him,( ok it was a guess that it was him, with too much of hair i couldn’t make out his face.) , in SS music “center stage” .

I don’t know many who love rock music!
Every one on stage making noise ,and jumping like they were standing on fire, and hair long and wobbling to the beat, they say they are rockin. And the channel shows people following the rhythm. No one word could be made out of what the guy with mike shouted. Still the video showed a pretty good crowd.

The rhythm was clear, Manu was on drums for Escher’s knot.
Catch him , Vlad jr , here

Esher’s knot group photo

catch manu in facebook!/profile.php?id=793385351

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