15 Apr

waiting for the launch after lunch

#ISRO #GSLV D3 disappoints

#NDTV telecasts a good program right now

Sad story details

The Scientists in #ISRO r from regional colleges not from IITs

#ISRO PSLV launches are best in world

A jet plane costs more than Rs 400 crore . GSLV Mark II costs only Rs 330 crore

Cryogenic engine fails to ignite

For the eye the launch was same as that of all those successful launches seen previously in TV

See the video here; Launch to the eye looks like this.

While many atop the SHAR Hospital left after the flight left sight, we heard the “incomplete mission ” announced in loud speaker

#GSLV another rocket fails

18 years of effort for GSLV Mark II, said to be experimental launch

another year of wait #ISRO gives hope to #INDIA

The first launch under Chairman. Radhakrishnan fails. Hard luck for him and ISRO team, and the whole of India.

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