No. 10 Fabregas

08 Jul

It had been Fabregas all the way, why!
Fabregas was on the bench and a guy talks incessantly about Cannavaro wearing a No.10 Fabregas red jersey. What happened to Fabregas? Who knows?

But I was shouting Fabregas! No one bothered since it was the last day of stay. A golden chance, a shining chip from Fabregas, its Fabregas and.. referee indicates a goal kick. I cannot wonder why people shout ? A commentator shouldn’t be biased. But with Fabregas anything is possible. Because that is in a name. William Shakespeare itself is a name that matters. So goes Fabregas. Fame that came fast goes fast. Some fools hold on. The shine of fame dazzles the followers so much that the occassional downfalls are rarely noticed. The name lives on. Thousands of Fabregas are derived , maintained, followed and admired. The crowd that follows do so blindly, but that is the reward of being good for sometime around.

Looks can be highly deceiving. All that glitters is not gold. All who shoot goals aren’t Fabregas. And all Fabregas aren’t good shooters. Many a time Fabregas is just an imagination sitting on the bench without doing anything. Ignorance can be a bliss for anybody and even Fabregas.

Getting psycho…( Sorry Fabregas fans , i guess you got what I meant!)

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