Fear vs terror-ism

09 Jul

Brake cables of Shoranur – Nilambur passenger was cut off . Thanks to the engineering of train, that does not allow the loco pilot to move on discarding the trouble.

Bomb stuff in Vanchinad express.

Derailing trains. Blasting up buildings. Is that the maximum that they can do. What purpose does it serve, when a constant attack on trains is done. It loses its novelty, but does it bring the change that they intended to bring about. Wants can be achieved by battling out in moral grounds. Why is then the inconvienience to public, to people totally unconcerned with whatever problem they have. Like Hartal this bombing business may go obsolete, unable to achieve the objective new ways must be innovated. Thanks to the terrorists and extremists in and around the people are not fearful. The situation of distress are addressed with lower levels of priority.

We have seen enough, that is why. Pakistan on the left, Kashmir problems. Chinese boundary issues on the north, north-east. Maoists frenzy. Erstwhile LTTE in the south. Imported terrorists in Mumbai blasts, Bangalore. Why, I’ve heard one at Trichur railway station. And now the favorite train Vanchinad carried bomb-ly stuff. Nilambur- Shoranur passenger train’s brake cables where cut. All these activities did only one thing, it enforced my belief in our security forces. With occasional appearances of metal detectors, more gun handling security and wonderfully cute looking hefty police dogs.

We also saw the different kinds of Hartals, Bandhs etc. The latest of which simply halted all life around, as if the earth stood still bowing to the agony of the bandh parties. And incidents like political killings at Thalassery, and cutting parts of people are also noticed. Increasing fuels and living expenses are no less a terror.

And there was natural and human aided disasters, epidemics. The number of fever cases, the number of types of fevers , H1N1, malaria, dengue, Chikun Gunya etc,.need not be experienced to understand their malignance.

Whatever one does one has ultimately to BELIEVE. When one starts “believing” things liven up, all false assumptions are lost, a path of truth and straight living simply lightens up , to be followed. And whatever the problem the intensity of state of fear dimmers. Towards a nation where we have freedom from shackles of fear , we live.

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