Self confidence

12 Aug

People who know how to read and write are literate, Those who do not know are illiterate. Everyone knows Kerala as a high literacy State. But the society suffers from growing number of aliterates. An aliterate person is one who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources. There is a deficiency in reading. Leave those who take reading as a hobby. Reading should be more inclined towards acquisition of quality knowledge. People engross in many reality shows in television but the ground reality happening around us is very harsh. We live in a society were people with MBA , BTech etc enter lower end jobs in Government offices such as LDC,peon etc. One of the reasons behind this is lack of self confidence. Since they lack it and are lazy enough not to get it they remain under-employed. Situation worsens when this indolence becomes banal and continues endlessly.People generally have a feeling that getting a degree can keep them financially and socially secure. But the reality is just the opposite when one is devoid of knowledge. Self confidence is a reflection on one’s abilities. The basic life skills plus knowledge gives self confidence.

The educational system here is not empowering people. Where is the quality in education? Knowledge acquisition and development of life skills are not taught in schools. Students mug up things for the examination, download it on the paper and then forget about it. Information is merely memorised. Knowlege, however, is not generated. The ideas are not grasped. The educational system here , in Kerala, is not upto the standards in other parts of India. So, when a competition at national level comes the candidate from Kerala are not well equipped to compete. The required knowledge is not acquired because of laziness. Newspapers are not read as it should be. So the Newspaper publishers put up more masala and entertainment to maintain the so called “readers”. To increase one’s vocabulary one should gather news from good English newspapers, read classics and think about it. The thinking skills are also to be considered and developed. The whole brain thinking skills are available on the internet and people should be reading and using the net for such purposes. Girls and boys are insisted upon, to attend dance and music classes , by their parents. They drop everything after eighth standard. Students attend tuition classes 24×7 and they deprive themselves from becoming street smart. Being book-smart is well and good. But it should go with practical knowledge which should be given more emphasis. One should have an hobby. A hobby which can get you a career. Then success is certain.

To build on success never put negative thoughts of failure in mind. In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krsna says ” Fear of failure should not be a detterent to your success”. When thoughts of failure occurs one should ask the self ” So what?”. The self confidence is totally under the control of the self. Any pressure from anywhere, often from people around, may not hamper it if you are in your own control. People generally put their failures on the book of excuses which lists luck, fate etc. Success does not occur for one in thousand. Success can come to everyone. You do not need to be first in everything to be successful. For example, Albert Einstein was not a school topper, Abraham Lincoln failed many times before achieving success and Gandhiji and so many eminent persons.

One should find one’s own passion. Before believing that the passion is indeed your passion, think. Try to convince yourself of the passion. Achieve something and make sure that indeed its your passion. A passion will haunt you day and night. It can make you dream and sleepless.

Ignorance about ignorance gives only over confidence. People around may appreciate your skills for trivial matters and that may cause over confidence. Drugs, liquor etc suppress the left half of our brain which is self critic. So we feel a certain confidence after having drugs or drink. The right half of brain does not suppress or bring negative thoughts . But again one cannot be a poet or a genius when drunk. The abilities remain the same and success is determined by them only. So one who writes poem freely, after getting drunk , without any pessimism only if he has the knowledge and ability of writing poems. Yoga can increase one mental concentration and physical well being but self confidence is built on one’s ability only.

The best method to be self confident to the level you feel confident is to be confident in taking up and developing the required skills and acquiring right knowledge to follow one’s passion.

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Reference: Phone-in program with Dr. Someone in DD Malayalam/Keralam

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