Getting beyond the limit 80/140

02 Sep

There are many free sms providers online which include their advertisements in 80 letters and give us the other 80 letters for free transmission. Among the popular providers include ;  indyarocks etc.  There are many free sms packs to choose from the telecom operators but even that doesn’t provide the ease and flexibility of typing on full qwerty. Not many can afford a qwerty phone but the internet and computer access is cheaper. In many places in India we get Internet access for Rs 10/ hour.

Then there came twitter. Its growing popularity and tweepulation (twitter population ; not in dictionary ; haven’t read the word anywhere before) explosion allows one to  shout out 140 letters. People are generally well educated ; ok compromise; literate enough to type in 140 letters of emotion, frustration, sympathy, review, acknowledgement in general all communication. But, how many can venture out to go beyond the limit of 80 or 140 letters. The number of tweeple (twitter people) and the number of bloggers give a good idea on that. For many words aren’t enough. At many a time we don’t find right words. What education has provided is only literacy to masses. But how about expressing. Imagine a blogosphere (blogging atmosphere) where there are ideas everywhere with everyone; where every emotions can be written and understood. Those days aren’t near but aren’t far away either. And then artificial intelligence will reach its goal.

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