Why I wordpress ! and switched partially from Blogger

02 Sep

I had a very good idea one time. I was sitting lazily and I wanted to try out what people popularly call technology. Internet and computer fascination. I decided to try out blogger. Like many things that Google suggests to try out Blogger was one such beautiful “technology”. I went on to try a few tricks. Blogger allowed to change and customise many stuff. Easy to use and modify blogger was pretty till one day when a friend gave me his wordpress blog address. I checked it out found it very good. Especially at that there were no “pages” in blogger. I liked  a three column blog while blogger allowed me to have only two. And I was rejected from using Google Adsense in my blog in blogger. All these situations led me to wordpress. And from some free software users I heard that wordpress supports Open source software. And an article ; an interview with Mullenweg was too beautiful to ignore.  And thus began.  And I liked the address because blogger didn’t allow me to have “ajeya” as my address. My blogger blog address was It was somewhat famous with that catchy name. But to me it was long and strenuous to type out the full name.     And with constant upgrades , features and new theme suggestions  blogger was out of my head for sometime till I accidently found that blogger had all those funny buttons for digg, buzz,tweet, fb etc.  I wanted to try that out. I gave it a try and it didn’t work out quite well. So I searched for some sharing tools that can be put on my blog and stumbled upon the Get Social live bar. But now there is a tweet button; and others are also coming in wordpress blog.

The human mind is complex variable ; When it halts to look at a beautiful flower it will go on searching for a better one; quite natural ; But the flower turning itself to whatever the human searches for is a wonder. I like WordPress.

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