Teacher’s day

05 Sep

Guru or a teacher is one who removes (ru) darkness (gu:). Removing all the darkness and unknown the Guru enlightens our life. In India we celebrate the teacher’s day on September 5.

There are many a time we see ourselves out of the darkness.  On writing this I cannot but remember all those people who taught me letters, though I have little memory of it.

Teachers are present in every step of one’s life; it need not be the one who is designated to teach us in some institution who teaches us. Often the words we spoke , our behaviour teaches us how to be in a group , be social etc. Even being netizens, or playing with your computer, unravelling the mysteries of linux at home, reading books, gardening and the umpteen other hobbies and crazes that one engages time with teach us a lot.  ” Experience is the best teacher” .

Many suggestions and advices from teachers have lurked in the subconscious to bring the good personality out of us. The teacher’s day is a good opportunity to remember, to celebrate all the goodness bestowed upon us by our teachers.

At school the teacher was everything. But at colleges they have adorned with better names but often bitter attitude.  Seldom do we find teachers , who taught us in college, who are worthy enough to be remembered . It may be because of the gross change in attitude in the part of student or the newly arrived lecturer who has no clue on what to teach and is striving for a living. We abide by the rules. Misstepping may cause some serious collateral damage on both sides during college.  The problems of a grown up and the death of the spirit to excel are far away from us during the golden ages of school days. That is why mostly school days  are the happiest days of ones life.

There are instances where if not for the facilitator we may not have got the certificate, the prize of competition , or escaped from criticism. But all in all the experience enhances our vision empowering us for the better tomorrow.

I would like to add a link a teacher provided me :

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