I wish to see Enthiran in R-D

04 Oct

We have seen 2 D and the upcoming of 3-D films. I would have preferred the Rajnikanth’s latest flick “Enthiran” to be released with the third dimension to the audience. But no it came in 2 D with very special special graphics team working behind the scenes. The team comprising the Music Maestro A.R Rahman, The master director Shankar, beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and an investment of hundreds of crore had shaken the vision of all.

While the Bollywood lovers will still boast of their Amitabh Bachchan- who got the national award recently , SRK (ShahRukhKhan)- whose skills have been honoured by the French Government and thousand others who may have dazzled the platform called Bollywood. While Salman Khan‘s Dabangg hopes to be the most popular , more than the 3 idiots, we see that those up there have a narrower vision and still narrower upper processing area. The Asia’s costliest film is not for them . It is for those who wish to be a superstar some day. The film – “Enthiran”s trailers were supposedly shown for tickets, said some newspapers. You can still see comments in youtube and north -driven phenomenas that they use the most usual swear words to illustrate their angst with words. The Indian film industry is not Bollywood alone. Some say that there is no acting in Rajnikanth’s (Super Star Rajnikanth or SSR for short) movies. I would tell those people that SSR fans don’t go to watch acting brilliance. If that were the case the Southern Film Industry ( I wouldn’t use the combination word “South Indian” as many would prefer because there is no South or North, only INDIA, even that name some find to be disputable) is not short of talent. Kamalahassan and Mammootty had the most number of awards in their bag till Amitabh B got the latest for the movie Paa, a laudable effort from him. Al Pacino has acted nothing new, the average movie seeing Indian can proudly say. Unlike the occasional ripples caused by the wanna be superstars and self-centred kings of the Bollywood the name of “Rajnikanth “ is etched in the annals of film industry for ever. For the first time we feel proud of someone who makes money through “acting” and is the second highest paid actor in the world, without having to act in English or any foreign tongue, and is the widely accepted and modest character in reality. May be the last one character is that which makes him a real super hero. While all the mega super duper hyper stars would take up advertisements and social causes to stay alive on the screen I have never seen an advertisement of SSR. The underlying ethics can indeed yield its fruits as the love and encouragement that the fans give him. He has the characters of godliness . He doesn’t desire anything, He doesn’t want to enter politics where he could have easily been the Chief minister of TN. He is said to have wondered at seeing the finished work of “Style song” ( where SSR is graphically made white for a song, Film: Sivaji- the Boss) while other actors aould have boasted about it. Another famous story is that a group of Japanese fans approached SSR’s home to see him. When he appeared in his normal manner, a dark man with little hair and would have easily passed as a farmer or beggar , they told him that they wanted to see the Superstar, he puts on the make up for them bless them with his starry appearance. Jackie Chan couldn’t have dreamt to be this, Jackie has to do all kind of circus, sometimes its called Kung-fu sometimes Karate who knows the difference. And after all the struggle and exertion Jackie has to crack some joke to entertain people. Of course everyone likes Jackie Chan in movie , in cartoon series (Called the Jackie Chan adventures), and in interviews, wikipedia says he is a singer also, Great. Can any aspiring actor imagine to be a hero without regular work-outs, diets, exercises, acting practice etc etc? That is why SSR is the star of stars

People, especially of the like of me want to be a superhero. The only way is to get the reflex neurons to simulate it . There is no choice of experiencing it in reality. While many English movie heros- Spiderman, Superman, He-man, and the umpteen other men and women seem too childish a fantasy. A hero of our days need some reality and an awesome lot of action and adventure and superhuman features packed into one.SSR provides just that. He is an idol which no one can claim or even try to be. Very few stars such as Vijay (ilaya thalapathy) in India has the producer’s grace of bestowing him with a cool non-dark clean and neat character, setting away the vices. His earlier movies had some shades of gray but with 50 films to his credit he is an angel of all sorts now.

The label of A.R Rahman musical can grab the attention of the onlookers and make them listen to the songs for minimum two times. A.R.Rahman’s music are notorious for the way the don’t cause any effect on the hearer till he listen it another time. While the yesteryear musics from him could make you drop everything and concentrate on music, the later trends show a clumsiness in music. The more he moved to putting music for the Hindi and other languages the sounds have become less charming. Anyone could say that the work that got him Oscar awards aren’t his best. What happened? No one knows. Save for the little spark which easily died in Raavanan song “Üsire Pogudhe¨ there has been nothing to boast of ARR in recent days, also the CWG( Commonwealth Games) theme song was not catchy. But the mind still carries the memories of the musical monuments that ARR has created and entertained the generations and still more generations to come, the inertia of which makes one sit up and listen to his new songs in search of treasure.

Enthiran trailer and the huge show of the audio and trailer releases has been mesmerising. In the trailer the main stuff that grabs attention are the SSP antics plus the excellent choreography and brilliance in the graphics. In the song starting “Kilimanjaro” were the dancers come with feathers and stuff they resemble the movements of birds before we realise that they have lesser clothes and you can seek entertainment in that aspect also! With all this in mind I would like to experience the Enthiran in the Rth Dimension (R-D), that is the Rajnikanth dimension. While the absence of comedians Vivek and Vadivelu has instilled a prejudice that the film may be a good sci-fi thriller with fewer or little to laugh about. The queues shown in TV, especially since the SUN network of televisions telecast program showing the response of the people after watching the movie around the world, little hope remains to watch it soon. But a day will come.

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