BEL walk in on 25 November 2010 at Bangalore for Apprenticeship training ; Experience

27 Nov

This is the advertisement of BEL they had put up in their website

go here for actual advertisement




On 25th & 26th NOVEMBER 2010

Bharat Electronic Limited, Bangalore Complex, is conducting “Walk-in-Interview”


One year under Apprentices Act.

General Conditions / Instructions: –

  • Qualifying Marks: For General/OBC Candidates – First Class and for SC / ST /

PHP Pass Class.

  • Age limit: 25 years for General / OBC candidates and 30 years for SC/ST/PHP.
  • • Candidates who have passed their examination on or after 01.01.2008 only will

be considered.

  • • No TA/DA will be paid to the candidates.
  • • Candidate should produce Original Certificates i.e., Degree Certificates or

Provisional Degree certificate, SSLC marks card for verification.

  • • SC/ST/OBC/PHP certificates (if any) should be produced for verification.
  • • Employees’ children should compulsorily produce the MEDICAL IDENTITY

CARD issued by the company at the time of interview.

Candidates who fulfill the above conditions only need to appear for the interview.

The results of shortlisted candidates and their induction / joining schedules will be

announced through BEL website ( only.

Canvassing in any form will result in disqualification.

Only Indian nationals need to appear.



They had this colourful way of advertising. Yes they have good advertisement writers, it seems. So we have nice government run companies in this country. While many look away after seeing the mention of Apprentices Act in there ,the name BEL sounds good, every guy wants to test his worth by attending the interview. In a city like Bengaluru (Bangalore) we expect Electronics engineers working in various IT/BPO companies to come and attend this interview. So when I go for attending; jobless that I am, I can expect either a crowd looking to get some experience in core field, with things that they have mugged up and vomited on hundreds of papers in the span of 4 years of engineering, few exceptions exist but they are exceptions OR I can expect very few jobless creatures who would go for anything respectable for their engineering degree under the sun.

So I was going to Bengaluru, the electronic city of India, of IT a hypercity, only later I understood that it was all a hype.

I landed there in Airavat an Air conditioned bus of note.  Airavat is a hindu mythological  creature , a divine white elephant of  lord of devas Indra, Airavata: had thousand tusks. Incidentally after misunderstanding between God Siva and Ganesa, Beheaded Ganesa got an head transplant, the head was donated by Airavata the elephant. Airavat grew another head.

I asked people about Jalahalli only to know that the place is pronounced as Jaalahallli(ജാലഹള്ളി,ஜாலஹள்ளி,) . Platform number 22 from the city bus stand, majestic, will get me to BEL. My usual tragedy worked, there were people in the bus going for the same business as mine. So no problem in finding out the Centre for learning and development. The guy I acquainted said that BEL took some 10  people each year for apprenticeship training. He didn’t know any other details. I told my CVRDE, DRDO walk in interview experience at Avadi Chennai. With a huge mob i half guessed that they may follow the DRDO’s way. But no there was announcement.

The Announcement said. “ Don’t rush, every eligible candidate will be given a chance for the interview. We are taking only Electronics, Electronics and telecommunications, Electronics and Communications. All others may go. The walk in interview is for Graduate Engineers for Apprenticeship Training. Only Rs2600 will be paid if selected, there will be no accommodation. The queue didn’t mind those. Now he announced some more. Only people passing above 1.1.2008 are eligible. Yeah! Cool English. Way to go man. We need exactly such guys so that more private companies of better people run business here and make the country better. Then he announced in a non-English language, probably kannada. So I told a native candidate in front of me, atleast you know what they are saying. He smiled.

And then there was some confusion, an official from inside came out and said “ we don’t want instrumentation guys, Electrical and Electronics guys just go back we don’t want any EEE guys. So there was a Tamil “Makan” (guy) an E&I engineer asking him that he should have mentioned such things in the advertisement. The official countered the argument saying that he could have contacted before coming, and he was not invited to come there. (what an attitude). The official continued “This is a Government institution, I cannot do anything”. The Tamilian went to another brown dressed guy. He spoke in Tamil and that official told him “ I don’t know Tamil and you don’t know Kannada, I’m sorry. He said “Sir, OK, then English”. The official was not ready to hear. Both were helpless in face. I waited. I wanted to get inside the gate atleast. There was repeated advertisement “PDC is compulsory”. What is PDC? It is Pre-degree certificate in Kerala, could be anything in other states of India. OK it was decoded as provisional degree certificate. Many didn’t have that. So they left. Others ignorant of this stood in the line. There were flying comments about BEL, the girl’s queue, why the officials talked to girls only though there were female security-persons.  And there was comedy on a fat security he was shooing, blowing his whistle and calling at the crowd like he was addressing a herd of buffaloes. “Pretty experienced, he must have never missed a buffalo in his life” was a popular joke. He didn’t hear it nor would he understand even if he hears because it was not in kannada. Apparently, BEL was Bengaluru Electronics Limited not Bharat Electronics Limited. At the gate I got confirmed that I, an E&I guy was not allowed to attend. In their words “We don’t want instrumentation guys”.They kept announcing “The result will be published at our website” .A few minutes before he was announcing the site as bel dash india dot com , finally he convinced himself that it was bel dot india dot com while actually it was bel hyphen india  dot com. You will find something in its not an “address not found” place. You can get address from net.

Yes these guys were narrow minded.  Knowing only kannada nothing “above” it (hehehe..:-)). But in reality I lost time, money and lost a chance to get interviewed. So the only other choice was to go round the city and be a tourist. I’d time till night to catch a reserved bus. So i went to majestic. Found some places.

The buses were apparently fully run by Government. I couldn’t understand the letters and variants of “…uuwu…” No English, not even a picture of bus at bus stop; What the….Do they think they are Japanese  to be proud of the language and use it to produce MNCs? Japanese make user’s manual in Japanese but that is Japan. Dear kannadigas don’t you understand that you are part of India, in records at least? At Majestic there are bus route numbers in English and place names in kannada and English. OK you have English, thanks to British for colonising you guys. I went roaming through the streets of the place. They have good footovers and foot-unders. There are cleaning personnel actively doing their work. Very unlike any government servants, the sweepers cleaned and  moved tonnes of soil spread throughout the bus station. Yes there was a lot of dirt, it will be a hardship for these people to keep the station clean. But ultimately  the Hon’ble CM and others will take the credit of making Karnataka what it is. The world has seen their worser than kindergarten assembly . You can find lot of youtube videos start here and watch the play (Kar “Nataka” ).


I found my white elephant turning and getting itself parked in un-numbered platform, that was platform 15 at kempegowda bus station (KBS), inter state buses com here,  reclining on the pushback I could only smile at my question Yed-ur-appa (a rough translation from Tamil -> what place man?


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5 responses to “BEL walk in on 25 November 2010 at Bangalore for Apprenticeship training ; Experience

  1. ajeya

    December 10, 2010 at 21:19

    I am happy to announce that one of my friends got selected in BEL for apprenticeship training;

    for those who have been frantically searching for the results and landed to this site here is the link for results of BEL walk in


    • manik

      November 26, 2012 at 21:16

      Firstly Mr ajeya I hope you have got a job now, so that your empty mind is not overworked. How jobless to write such a long story!. Secondly let me tell you one thing, people will laugh at you if you say Bangaloreans don’t know English. Every second person in Bangalore can communicate in English and every third person can fluently talk in the language. Moreover every signboard and display board in the city is written in both kannada as well as english. So dont talk(or rather type) such rubbish.
      And about the BEL interview, thanks for nothing!


      • ajeya

        April 16, 2013 at 12:33

        All this while, I was reading through the post for potential imbroglio agents. I apologize that I could not find one. I was telling about the official and @manik has misinterpreted it for bangaloreans. And I had even appreciated the private cos.

        I congratulate myself for writing the article in such a manner.
        I am unfortunate to have a reader like @manik who was confused at my writing. I hope I will work out better next time to keep things simpler in words.

        Thanks for the comment @manik


  2. anu

    October 30, 2011 at 12:06

    will final year student’s are alowd as apprentce.?????.please tell me



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