Christmas Special Prayer! Yesu(Christ) Gayatri!

21 Dec

root said ” if you know basic structure of Gayatri mantra you can make your own Gayatri, say for example here is Yesu  Gayatri”

“Om  Paapavimochakaaya vidmahe

Mary puthraaya dheemahi

thanno christu prachodayat”

In Devanagari:-

“ॐ   पापविमोचकाय  विद्महे

मेरी  पुत्राय  धीमहि

तन्नो कृस्तु   प्रचोदयात् ”

In Malayalam:-

“ഓം   പാപവിമോചകായ വിദ്മഹെ

മേരി  പുത്രായ  ധീമഹി

തന്നോ  ക്രിസ്തു  പ്രചോദയാത്  ”

what say ??

Yes , its  special since only Jesus Christ had the attribute of  sin (Paapa)  removal (vimochanam) . Also its possible that this can be a Gayatri for the Christ. I thought I should share this . This can be a new prayer for the huge population of Christians in the land of Gayatri(India!). Take this as your Christmas gift Dedicated for all christ lovers!.

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