Don’t we have the right to sanitation and hygiene

24 Dec

The right to sanitation and hygiene
Get to know the fundamental rights in India

  • The right to equality
  • The right to freedom
  • The right to freedom from exploitation
  • The right to freedom of religion
  • Cultural and educational rights
  • The right to constitutional remedies

Though the rights themselves are violated many a times, nothing much can be done from the perspective of the most common man. The common man who is the least bothered about the existence of the country when his existence is in danger from lack of proper nutrition and sanitation. Why then there is no right to proper sanitation and hygiene in this country called India. Of course it is difficult to bring the country to minimum required standards since India is not just a country it is a sub-continent with wide differences across places and regions. So, what do we do? A practical approach is to implement the local standards, while sanitation and disposal of waste depends largely on the land resources.

See these news links which say that India is losing crores on not maintaining the sanitation and hygiene to acceptable level


A typical Malayali would say everything possibly bad against the neighbouring state’s people who work and live in Kerala. Occassionally  pilgrims to Sabarimala and other people are seen with a look of contempt because of the not so familiar hygienic practices. A friend of mine  a resident of Pathanamthitta district, would say there will some ‘Pandis’ sitting in a circle and eating and a child would be shitting right in the middle of the circle. According to some planners and surveyors Kerala has achieved the required ‘total’ sanitation.  It is an old saying, that too without dust and dirt, that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Before donating food and money consider the matter of recycling the waste generated and keeping atleast ourselves clean. Often it is seen that we are very selfish , we throw things around but want our places perfectly clean and neat.  A feeling of empathy and humanitarian concern that is what is lacking. Anyone who has watched the movie Wall-E can visualise a similar situation of waste accumulation depicted, in near future. While charity is the first resort to anyone or any organisation ,in which case the  term is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), does anyone really bother to clean up the dirt they have caused to accumulate. To reduce, reuse and recycle may sound too old and cartoon-ish but that is more than a need. Ultimately, we should know that the Earth doesn’t lose anything if there were humans in it or not. It is upto us to carry on the best to coming generations (that too sounds old doesn’t it?).


Some simple steps like taking to cycling just doesn’t make it to the brains that are muddy.  While there aren’t enough roads persons with money burn out more fuel, they want to feel themselves as highly important. Otherwise they must be fools not to know that we ,humans, share more than 90% of genes with monkeys. And the monkey-ing traits haven’t vanished yet. That is to say if you show yourself to others as a doer of goodness, of cleanliness then there will definitely be people following you, however isolated you are, mentally or physically,  from others. More diesel guzzling SUVs on road means, lesser space, more fuel consumption, traffic jams, collateral waste and damage. Just ban SUVs in urban areas. I have heard that in Delhi Diesel vehicles cannot be registered. Are the SUV/MUV buyers aware that as they consume more diesel the demand for diesel increases. The items of transport of goods carriers, such as vegetables and perishable foods ,cost  at the customers end depend on the transportation charges also. As transportation cost increases the price of food also increase, a direct relation. And if what I just said is true aren’t you customers entitled to stop all the big transport vehicles ,SUVs,MUVs, that ply on the road with just one or two passengers (not full capacity, I mean). Do you protest against the Scorpio, the Innova etc or do you enjoy the technical brilliance behind it?  You should definitely love the Pajero that goes 4×4 through the jungles and rough terrains for National Geographic Channel, Discovery et al. No one drives 4×4 inside the city, also that is not needed, exceptions of very badly laid roads do exist which may demand a better vehicle but never 4×4 drive. Pollution becomes  cumulative due to the slow moving big cars which badly affect the traffic in which the slowest vehicle decides the speed of others. Pollution is just another area where a we definitely have to reduce.


Go back  to the top of the post check whether you have been deprived of your rights, take a deep breath, relax now ask yourself aren’t there people who are deprived of their rights because of you?

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