Getting confused is good

27 Jan

Getting confused is not always related to foolishness. Iis not a monopoly of the imbeciles. What you understand by getting confused is that your mind is thinking, it is thinking radially without being monotonic, it is thinking in radial directions, keeping things open and making your mind more healthy and creative. A scientist told me this. Catch him in twitter ->

When someone is giving you facts, statements of life and experience and provides suggestions and advices your mind should naturally get confused, of course only if it is a healthy and creative mind. By this the mind keeps open the opportunities that lie ahead and the broad image and perspective of the things around make life a smorgasbord of  sweet dishes to choose from. The confused mind lets you loose yes but also it keeps banging you with more options than you have ever thought of. Don’t think that every confused man is stupid or vice versa. Nevertheless, it is as important to get confused as to get to a practical solution to the confusion. As the word suggests it is a fusion of ideas a lot it, some mind-blowing and out of the world ideas, some down to earth and silly ones, some mediocre and moderate ones. See the whole Gaussian distribution; get to know more. Keep your eyes, ears and nose open. That is  exactly why it is in a normally open condition. Let the mind process in an incubator of its own. Time will give you the solution. But don’t let the time run out. For the clock ticks and the age grows. Be yourself. Be your master.

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