International Women’s Day Celebrations

08 Mar

International Women’s day celebrations are up, encouraged and running. The day is March 8.

A chance to celebrate is not to be missed, because it comes rarely and mostly by invitation only. This particular celebration is only for women, so no treats for men!

Some consolation is that anything can be done on this day in the name of celebration. You can look at women and unexpectedly wish her happy women’s day. No ill feelings on this particular day. The popular joke is that there won’t be eve teasing issues on this day. Of course, men feel better because women have gone for celebrations. No bossing around, "phew! thank god" says some. The feminists have a good very reason to blast off the speakers which are under their command for the day. But the audience doesn’t try to cover that fact that after noon things will be back to normal. The "parippu" (പരിപ്പ് , பரிப்பு, dal) won’t be cooked at home when they return. Its upto them. They mention that as a problem ignoring the fact that they are the only people who are empowered by their culinary skills. No one take their position. That is power. But they consider it as a problem. I hear that in many places, particularly in North India, Girls are not send to school, Women are not allowed to work. ( Hence all the concessions and one-girl-child free education policies). But the Southern Indian women experience a equal opportunity and competition with men. With more women participation in politics and industries we see the women empowered more.

But untoward incidences are there. Newspapers are giving the impression that women are non equal. With so many shocking cases and news travelling women are most vulnerable. It was interesting to read that more than fashion Jeans have the purpose of giving them freedom to run. But many women , esp. girls give away such concerns and dwell in fashion with passion. Most newspapers show pictures of women showing skin, are they empowered? While many girls wear tight dresses. I cannot but read from their faces " Don’t hurt me, Enjoy the show" and those tight Jeans screaming at me "Just watch and enjoy , But Please…….. don’t even think about it":

This is really "Kali yuga". Beyond expectations is the worst of the worse case scenario. You cannot miss a chance to be happy, a spark of happiness, a smile, an opportunity to get together and celebrate for a cause. Because a "Thing of beauty may NOT BE a joy forever"

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