Anna Hazare , the news, the hunger, the strike and the ignorance

14 Apr

Anna I enquired whether it is a he /she? Whether it is related to TN elections? And what is that bizarre second name?

The phenomenon, Anna Hazare captured media, a slight semblence to Nehru with his Nehruvian hat and appearance with  a seemingly innocent smile. An interviewer asked Anna Hazare why he would not contest in elections and change the system. Anna H answers that the way he did was the way he could do. He cannot be a politician and get corrupt.

This is another way of blaming the other side. What the social worker sees is the tip of iceberg ,he says yeah there is lot under it that is causing trouble,making Titanics sink.That is bad the people need a bill. Not a hotel bill or other bills of payment, but the Lokpal bill. That word “Lokpal” excludes the power to gather all people around. How many people understand what “Lokpal” means?

I personally had to search for it . Newbies scour and findout something like this

And something is here

The old chap with a new pose for his photo in that website, i perceive, can’t bring a change. Media and related people, yes  they have to follow ( I have seen the hindi flick ” Peepli live” and the malayalam movie ” Swa. Le”) . BJP praises him while there is no news that the Congress INC had  a say on it ,NCP did.

Wikipedia boasts about him but fails to  impress me.

The fast began on April 4-5, around those days,and the news got some wide reputation when it ended by April 9. That a hunger strike of 4-5 days can make a hero doesn’t sink in the mind as fast as the news media was flashing it.

I have heard that the poverty and living standards in the MP and some northern places is comparable or even worse than the third world countries. So our sub-continent is 3 worlds in one, the super metros including bengaluru, the developing places like Kochi and the sub-standard low-class country-sides. People live with hunger and there is no strike good enough to capture attentions that will alleviate the problems that come  as parcel with poverty and hunger,ignorance and intolerance. It is very interesting that one man  Anna can make volntarily mass movement, and still more fact of wonder is that the government  notices that.

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One response to “Anna Hazare , the news, the hunger, the strike and the ignorance

  1. kukkumol

    August 28, 2011 at 13:08

    What is the victory for.? Is India free from corruption from Tomorrow Why all these gimicks. It is only taking advantage of the very sensitive issue coruption before innocent mass. Since almostr all are affeted by this corruption all wanted to support without knowing what will be the result and outcome. It is mere waste of time



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