The bond that is marriage

14 Apr

This was a huge debate issue in or circle in hostel, the strength of the bond called “marriage” was questioned and all without doubt ended supporting the Western, or rather US American lifestyle.

One guy used to fiercely argue and substantiate it with live examples. He said that most people live together after marriage just because of their children ( Got the importance of having children?!). It is mostly a live in relationship of cold war and disintegrity. The life after marriage seriously is an eye-opener for many. Brilliant, and futuristic guys never fall into that trap except for two reasons

1) A

2) B

What with dowry, political or business motives, personal unspeakable motives and hundred thousand reasons marriage remains a bond,a bond of commitment rather than that of love . In that sense the Westerners ( West of GMT) think better. If someone likes someone they explore with dates and to any extent of living together and even marriage. But marriage is not end all issue, it is about life. And divorce is not a big issue, a very common place affair. So they are open about what they think, but not without flaws. Atleast they are open. Case is not too different in good marriages. But according to the hero of the debate it is a majority that be in marriage and die in that bond with memories of bad treatment and life of misery.


<Exceptions are always exceptions>

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One response to “The bond that is marriage

  1. ANAND

    December 20, 2011 at 15:40

    Jean Paul Sartre and Marie Segoline Royale never got married in the technical or legal sense. But their live in partners were the same throughout their lives. The children of the latter are named after their father. The term marriage itself is quite misleading here. Were these two renowned persons not married just because they never went to a Registrar or a priest withier partners?

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