Thoughts invoked by George Orwell’s “1984”

03 May

The drama of the world.
How timely it is that I could read the “1984” written by George Orwell. I didn’t expect this from the author of “Animal Farm”.

Just like Richard Bach said in “nothing by chance”. The very next day of reading of which purely by chance I had a chance to read “Rich dad poor dad” though I was searching for books in Engineering section in library. That same experience of “By chance” occurred more and more often. This time it occurred in the form of development of some news, some scam and political drama, war and terrorism. And the compilation of these in its essence by some old writer years back. The undying vision and imagination is beyond a mere appreciation or a blog post.

George Orwell gets me to think of the futility of life where power is for sake of power and some analogies like food is for more food, greed for more greed and so on in the present scenery. We eat well so that we can be healthy to eat more and more. It was from a textbook that I read that Romans used to eat luxurious food so much and make them sick so that they can stop and start again anew. That futility of vicious circle of life comes as a blow to the monotonous thought flow. That election is a drama in stage of this very vicious circle. Technology which makes us addict and stick more to it, use more of it and create a higher demand for it, the craving for faster processing powers, supercomputers more information and again putting the pressure on the processor maker just because of the application developer. There is inexplicable greed for greed. Someone asked me how I can imagine of working in the same place without pay increment for 2 years, greedy thoughts innately tends to spread without the knowledge of the vectors.

I go back to days of the cartoon of Jackie chan adventures which told me the concept of birth and death cycle in a simple manner. A snake that eats its tail-end. Can the snake finish up with the tail and finally eat its own head? . I think not, that is practically impossible. That makes every life come up with something of the past, most importantly the head part. Is it so that the wild, uncivilized characters of human beings are carried on however civlised we call ourselves?!

Is it those wild instincts that betray logic and science to try out possibilities outside the civilised world. Is it the brutal instincts that make humans go for immoral and unethical jobs and demoralize him and the society? Starting with obeying simple traffic rules, simple energy conservation measures to trivialities of health consciousness simple small steps can make life better. Why would an IT employee in good jeans and shoes rest his legs, with shoes, on the opposite seat inside a busy suburban train. Why would a government employee of 30 years of service spit on road and lick to turn pages. Two reasons why Indian roads and Government papers are in shabby conditions can be attributed to the digestive properties of ptyalin enzyme in human saliva. Why would people beg, borrow and steal when there are a lot of job opportunities for the entrepreneurial and smart type.

It is the thought that they are not good enough, that they are lazy and incompetent. It is the thought that they are under an all seeing monarchic big brother that they don’t persevere. These people see only path that leads to end of the race, as for a horse in horse race they have put their own eyelids. For them, to go out of the beaten path is suicidal. And then they accuse their own god or big brother, their own creation of mind and dreams, for killing them.


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2 responses to “Thoughts invoked by George Orwell’s “1984”

  1. Ajeya Rao

    May 24, 2011 at 06:56

    Hi…Came here through te common name we share. 🙂 Good blog.


    • ajeya

      May 24, 2011 at 08:51

      Thankyou for the compliment



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