Why there should not be education for all

01 Jun

Some years back when I was in school I remember having seen an advertisement by the Government. In that a graduate was applying for post of a driver, he seemed desperate to get a job, but another man comes up and asks him ” If educated men like you  come for this job then what will people like me, who have no education do?”

In Kerala its no news when a PhD person goes for Lower Division Clerk (LDC) exam. It is of no wonder that a MSc fellow can be a bus conductor in Kerala SRTC. These situations arise because the educated (degree holders) are not confident enough to venture out and try their education to bear them fruits on their own effort. They apparently see only Government jobs and pension schemes.

In Tamil Nadu, I see casual labours who bring tea to office get Rs 5000/ month. That is a guy without 10th pass who is happy for what he is getting. What about the educated class. They on the other hand are always frustrated and disinterested and dissatisfied about the money. They look forward for promotions higher posts, higher money, better “living conditions”.

They do see that the casual labour who comes everyday and brings tea is getting so much money, but he is not educated, what about his social status, what about his future and security in life, what will happen to generations of his class that come up.

Then there is the thought that OK the higher officers should mentor them to finish education get a job, help them to get the required certificate. Help them financially if they cannot afford education. On a second thought, there is a pause. What will happen if he qualifies the barriers of certificates. He will search for better job, better pay. He won’t go again as a tea-boy. As the number of educated people increases there is a growing demand for job.Then there will be saturation and eventually there won’t be any tea-boy. A machine will sit at the corner of the room whizzing out hot coffee and tea, as and when required. A small number of people will serve as workers who will supply the milk and check the water in the machine. Automation will be a  boost, but what will the billions of highly educated people do? OK, then we will look for answers around, we will search for answer in Google (USA) we see they sell high-end product and market it so that the money keeps moving. We look at Japan and see that they improve themselves and make others look at them with awe. They will fight the USA markets to get their products sold. What will we do? Hey, we already have an answer in Kerala. Those who study well will also go for jobs like driving autos, being bus conductors, putting up a tea shop and other commonplace activities that earn a living.

This is exactly why I think that people should not be educated. If you shout at the tea-boy he will take the brunt and move on. If you shout at an educated tea-boy he will shout back or give you an invisible kick.

The industrialisation and Information technology has not given us a sustainable  path of livelihood. But Indians have the answer at hand. Be ” uncivilized”. That is go back to agriculture, enjoy spiritualistic and scientific ambitions in shade of a tree with discussions and debates rather than blogs and forums. Cut down the waste , cut down the cost.

It may seem sarcastic that I have used the means of blog to communicate this. But that is how life is. But i know people who don’t understand what a blog is.

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