The corruption department is run by the people

28 Aug

The enthusiastic media coverage has helped us to see some politicians bitten and scarred by the people’s questions. It is highly likely that the india against corruption movement has been a platform for upcoming leaders. However, there is a mystery how the crowd remains calm, and not a single bad incident of  sabotage were reported. The politicians in the government could well have helped atleast some stone-pelters or food poisoning or even worse; release some tear gas and water firing. But nothing happened, thank god. Everything seemed calm. More ideas of disruption come into thought but that should not become inspirational in any sense, hence I swallow it.

The goodness of the diverse population in the protests showed all aspects of thoughts and many experiences that can be generated by thousands of minds focussed on a point that is corruption. This unarmed fight against corruption united people from many walks of life, making them indians atleast for few days. That a bad thing could be good was depicted here. Nothing much was seen in Chennai till the newspapers read support from Rajnikanth and Vijay‘s appearance at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi.

Good things cannot happen overnight, if it happens that will be short-lived. So people waited anxious, curious , sceptical, and sometimes seeing the show instead of reality shows.

The first idea that struck was the hotel/restaurant owners should protest against those who take hunger fast. But that joke didn’t materialise because only few could afford to take a long fast. It was interesting to learn that some companies send people on duty and shifts to the protest ground, the reporting media people inadvertently attended the whole program.

And then some signs of victory of Team Anna emerged as breaking news.

The voices against the movement where not unheard. There were people who believed in parliament and elections. They wanted nice people to contest and win in elections. But the majority of voters being alliterate fools, what can change the course of years of routine. While some instances of interest came up such as the politicians and government officials making up imaginary work, to be given to some contractor, just to share up the benefits personally, but everything was legally correct on papers. The autorickshaw people, the road and building contractors, retailers and middle men, real estate business never get affected by the Lokpal bill. The charges will be the usual.

Ultimately Gandhi remains in Notes.

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