Management by Objectives

20 Oct

Management by Objectives-A Case Study from Kerala Politics


Nirmal Madhav story was a creation of the UDF long back to spite the SFI and through them the CPI (M). The story is completely concoted and totally incredible. However, that the student insisting on an admission to some Engineering College put the UDF leaders in a spot, especially with them in power. This resulted in his admission to 5th Semester in GEC-K in a completely different branch which was not legally tenable. The SFI-DYFI twins, always keen to get some issues to agitate against, was given an issue on a platter by the UDF. This was actually a goof up on the side of the UDF. They had to choose between a rock and a hard place. This was reinforced by the ‘Expert Committee’ appointed by the Government. They had to accept all the demands of the SFI including even turning the clock back by admitting Nirmal Madhav to 4th Semester (second year) in a self financing college. In between the ACP Kozhikode North, Mr. Radhakrshna Pillai, created more confusion by a stupid act of threatening the agitating students with his service ‘revolver’ (A goof up by the media-It is actually a pistol). Now, the SFI-DYFI twins get one more issue. Radhakrshna Pillai is so close to Kunhalikkutty, the real owner of the UDF Government and hence no action can be taken against him either. It would be a double whammy for the Government. (A bit about the firing by Radhakrshna Pillai- It was simply illegal. (a) Firing at the sky to disperse a crowd can be done only after permission from the DM and again only after announcing the same. (b) For such firing the service guns should not be used. It should be the rifles used by the police.Service guns are for self defense. Having said that, it should also be stated that he did not do anything dangerous. He fired directly against the agitators when they were beyond the range of the pistol but changed the angle towards the sky as he walked towards them. Of course, the media (Manorama included) stated that he fired four ‘rounds’. It is possible only with rifles and not pistols or revolvers. Actually what he did was firing four times. That is all.)


Public attention should be diverted from the totakl surrender of the Government in the Nirmal Madhav case and soften the blow if any action is to be taken against Radhakrshna Pillai


Create a bigger issue. Since the LA was in session, two of the newly elected legislators known for their short fuse were selected. When these two rushed towards the Speaker, the so called victim of their assault, Ms. Rajani Kumari was six persons away from them when we hear Shri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, a dove by UDF standards shouting “Oru Vanithaye Kayyettam Cheythu”. Several seconds later, we see the woman Watch and Ward, Ms. Rajani Kumari without her cap. If at all she was assaulted, it was after Shri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan shouting Oru Vanithaye Kayyettam Cheythu”. As they say, the rest is history.

Courtesy: AGI

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