Why this Kolaveri Chammak Challo?

27 Dec

Of times it is highly necessary to follow the crowd to understand the rhythm. The tempo of thoughts, the value of deeds and the freedom of speech. There cannot be a second thought when it comes to analysis, it almost always is biased. But that is necessary ingredient of analysis.  Be biased, debate on both sides are required for a healthy analysis. Too many biased comment will let a reader tell good from bad, wrong from right and let him understand that primarily the whole thing is a game, a drama, a not noteworthy saga.


Kolaveri song has captured attention. They say it is a Tamil song, some say it is Tanglish. I say it is English. It is as much a Tamil song as Chammak Challo is a Hindi song. We all love a  messed up business. We need everything be it drums, melody, techno, bass, pop, classic and what not.  English albums mix Spanish. Hindi mixes English. Tamil songs gets mixed with Telugu English Hindi and Malayalam. A devotional song can become a rock overnight and vice versa. It is not so much important to know why we like something. Just like it.

But after hearing it for long. It is like chanting some prayer when the lyricist did a bad work and included the same word a hundred time.  Good references for this are most Hindi songs- Falak Tak Chal Sathi Mere, Chammak Challo etc . After meditating on the song throughout the day, it is natural to analyse. Why? What? are the questions that come up the most. It is more interesting to see music reviews on lyrics while people scratch their heads and pull the hairs to get some comprehensive message out of a hit make of song.

What is meant by Chammak Challo?

Why is Kolaveri song famous?

Why it just sounds like another folk song with an upbeat tempo with some techno added but still plays back incessantly at unexpected times?

Why other folk songs are not this famous?

Why Akon? How it would have been if it were Michael Jackson?

Why Hrithik Roshan did not dance for Chammak Challo?

How the mind is free to let Hrithik and Michael to dance for the Kolaveri or any folk song?


humans as creative beings are bettering themselves through imagination.  Reading a book definitely gives freedom to dress Harry Potter in Dhothi and Voldemort to have beard.

let the creativity unroll, free of cost.

Only time matters

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One response to “Why this Kolaveri Chammak Challo?

  1. praful nawale

    January 15, 2012 at 17:45

    wow, kolavari is the best song.



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