35th CHENNAI BOOK FAIR – 2012 , 8 Jan

09 Jan

The 35th CHENNAI BOOK FAIR – 2012 at  St. George Anglo Indian Hr. Secondary School (Opp. to Paachayappan College)
Chennai – 30, Date: 05:01:2012 to 17:01:2012

Entry of Rs 5 does not fall hard on your purse, a single ticket can make you engaged for hours in the world of books. Lot of books on display . While Tamil books got the majority space, there were enough space for English also. Representation of Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam were found.  It was comic to find that various publishers  were selling books on competitive exams. Imagine a situation were you are not involved in competition, you see lot of general books, fiction , non- fiction, fantasy, literature, history and then stall which sells only competitive exam guides! Who wants them. Of course many people want and that is why they are there. But is book fair a good place for such a thing. May be yes may be no.

If you frequent Moore market and online stores for books then the book fair has little to it except the collection of Tamil books.  If you are not keen on reading Tamil books then there is a stall which sells old English movies, classics.

While the display space is having fan, you don’t get enough air on the walk ways, it is not Air conditioned, and you will sweat.

Another intriguing display item is relating to spiritualism, you know Vivekananda and Gita press, in addition there are Islam book stall and yoga masters and self made guru’s teachings and practices available.

You get coffee, tea, juice and water for a price in the book fair. You are going to need these if you are going through the entire display, it is very vast.


Then came the core point of being in the book fair, APJ Abdul Kalam was visiting the book fair and delivering a speech at  around 1700 hours(5 pm) . He talked in Tamil but you will understand if you are a fan. He told to read books, maintain a small library, let the library at home, so made,  expand through generations. Read good books. Inspire others to read books.


At one point I almost felt that the whhole idea of educating people, which is making people understand words, read and write was implemented for the benefit of publishers. They can punch out anything, tell people that literate guys read and prosper others be around and die. But mostly the usage of learning alphabets is restricted to read boards and may be read movie and actor’s  name. Even that can, if properly used, enlighten a person.

Then Abdul Kalam said” publishers should take care that they publish good material that will benefit the society”.

Yes! that was a good message for them.

All said the missile man of India left the fair, the crowd without second thought left too. Others who wanted to speak had lesser audience to deal with, as expected.

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