Looks that matter none

06 Jul

By my looks I have been booked,
I not so much cared how I looked,
When out of blue moon once I was asked,
Are you from that college? And it did not seem odd!

Was it an insult or casual banal query?
That was my thought which made the other worry
I glanced at the interrogator as if he did a blunder
Point blank I told my college address, with total surrender

Why was I not proud of the place,
That helped me through with my license to flee,
And pronounce myself that I am not a layman,
not one among the street but an engineering man.

It never occurred why the chap’s question caused a flow
of thoughts and expressions never stumbled before
But now it feels all that mattered to the world
Were three glossy letters, a tag and a brand

I was told of the option, time and before,
The day I joined the bandwagon of the pleb,
That there is a crowd, there is competition,
That is so banal, try something of your vision.

Never cared or bothered about the name and brand
SO long gone were the ideas of advertising all grand
Happy things are just a myth so old
That really serious, if you may, go to the mould.

All came and ended from the big mould
The boulder, the metal, the sound and light told
Don’t be sorry buddy, for your faith is for you
To decide, to live, to squander or beg, so be you.

Why then should I respond to the man
Who asked whether I endorsed a tag or it did to me
Why should such a question arise, out of looks
For all that glitters is not gold, is in books.

The guy must have known this saying too
For it had been repeated over and again
A billion thousand times, by all including you
Then I know it is bookish knowledge, practitioners a few

He rode alone on his way on bicycle
That squealed and yelled as if under a stint of tickle
That old,thin man with his tinted beard moved on unabashed
As he progressed I saw a wink at a distance, as the reflector flashed.

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