How about protesting against the Italian Pizza ?

12 Mar

Recent developments in the politico legal scenario in indian context has helped the Italian shipmen to enjoy christmas and walk freely after murdering two fishermen from Kerala (knowingly or uniintentionally). The Government has in effect helped live a free and happy life.

It may be bureaucratic procedures or some unknown hand that did all these developments. What can a common keralite(Indian) do against this injustice.

Taking it to the roads , strike, bandh or hartal cannot solve this problem, these methods have proven ineffective?!

We have nothing to do with Italians or Italy. Only Italian thing that I see , avaliable around is the Pizza. Showing disrespect to food for any reason is unacceptable.

When friends give treat we go for foreign food for variety. Mostly this includes Pizza , Noodles, Burgers and similar things. I will be reminded of the shooting of the fishermen when I see Pizza, eventhough the Pizza is highly inviting and tempting at times. But is it (even for  a joke) a good idea to remove Pizza from the party life.


And some other Italian options to watch out for are







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