Getting my hands dirty ; Studying How to make Bonsai…

28 Mar



I have lot of small banyan tree sapling sprouting out from water drainage pipes atop the roof of my apartments.

Banyan trees are very powerful. It can grow even on rough rock. Such power bestowed upon a tree is rare. And for that matter it is King of trees and prayed upon. This holy tree is a symbol of divinity and trinity in Hinduism.

“Vata vriksha is worshipped all over India as a representative of the Trimurthis,Brahma (roots) Vishnu ( bark) and Shiva (branches)). Vishnu is also compared to the seed of the Banyan tree, by our ancient poets, as the entire universe is said to have emanated from him, just as the gigantic Banyan tree originates from a single minute seed.” –

Significance of Banyan Tree


Amazing Things about Banyan Tree

Natural strategy to remove thetree growing on walls and buildings is to cut it of and pour acid on the remaining part of it. If this is not done, we will never know when the building is going to fall, lest the tree is not killed.


For an amicable solution, I pulled out the possible roots and branches of the sapling that was growing on the rooftop. And was wondering what to do with it. I had forgot to put it in water. The leaves that remained with the plucked plant became weak and shrunk due to lack of water.


On the third day, I thought of making bonsai out of it. I rushed to the place where the saplings were kept and alas they were gone. As if due to negligence they walked away soberly!

Only later I learned from the sweeper that it was thrown with other ever-growing waste and taken away by the Waste-Collector.


I was almost assured that the plant will grow better at the waste dump-yard. While the wastes accumulated and remained forgotten and not taken to processing, these saplings were bound to grow the way they please in open space, that was lottery for them I believe.


But given the circumstances and chance to shout, I shouted at the sweeper for taking away the saplings that were kept carefully and safely! So careful was I that I had forgotten about its whereabouts for two days!


I went to rooftop in search of more roots and sprouts, and found some, put them in suitable pots and started reading about Bonsai making


Here are some Bonsai links

Bonsai Theory and Practice


Youtube Search for Banyan Tree Bonsai:…16822.27609.0.27845.…0.0…1ac.1.CZixA_bejnU





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