A fresh new MEMU unit in Chennai

04 Apr

It was a refreshing experience to get into one of those only-in-dreams thing :- A fresh new MEMU unit in Chennai.Photo0607

Or is it a washed and cleaned old unit revamped?!

I keep wondering.

On the floor dirt can be cleaned comparatively easily.

People do not find dust bins in a train, it is not used even if they find one.

This is about people’s attitude rather than unavailability of a dust bin. There are people who are not used to dust bin.  So there is no blaming them. We can very well clean the unit up easier if all the wrappers and eatable wastes are thrown hither-thither inside the unit. Instead of littering throughout the railway line sides may be it is better that all wastes accumulate inside the unit, to be removed at the stations or maintenance yard alone.

Scribblings, posters and stickers  inside can be removed only if the doer believes that he is making the train ugly from inside.

A fresh MEMU unit is always welcome, with lesser noise and cleaner environment it was a pleasure to travel in one.

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