Timeline : Michael Crichton

04 Apr

The “Timeline” is a candy for Michael Crichton fans while it will attract others just the same. Starting with the cover page of a knight reminding many of the “Age of Empires“, the book is full of thrilling journey, sci-fi, and amazement blend into one super cool mix.

The story about Archaeologists digging up things is nothing new. Then suddenly there is a time machine that can pull you out into the past. A very convincing explanations on the nature of photons takes the reader off guard. A hunt for a lost man in the past who gives clues in between for the “future” (present) world adds thrill to the novel. The introduction of Super conducting quantum interference devices (SQUID) captures the attention of the scientifically bent mind.  But wait ! there is no time to go into the details of the behaviour of photon or Quantum physics, the machines whizzes. It takes the reader with the searchers. The search for the guy takes the “diggers and analysts” into nobles of the past.  A revelation of the structures of the past, in the lines of age of empires is really enthralling. With superb illustrations adding dimensions to the words the book is an excellent read.

At the end of a long winded journey that modifies the past, a man is left behind, he chooses to!

Because he had practised like a man of ancient age, lived like a fighter and fallen for a girl in nobility, he chooses to stay back in the past.

And the typical Michael Crichton ends up the story showing us the past in the future as this guy in the form of sculpture, made immortal.


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