Mullamottum Munthiricharum (Malayalam: മുല്ലമൊട്ടും മുന്തിരിച്ചാറും)

05 Apr

Mullamottum Munthiricharum (Malayalam: മുല്ലമൊട്ടും മുന്തിരിച്ചാറും) is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Aneesh Anwar, starring Indrajith, Meghana and Ananya in lead roles.

The film is about the hero , Indrajith, who does all the petty jobs of killing snakes, being a fake witness at court, and similar stuff. The full time drunk hero keeps moving the story till the priest of the church stops him to advice and chat with him. The priest is the only person the hero would listen to.

At the beginning we judge the drunk role of Indrajith and compare it with Mohanlal and Prithviraj while finally Indrajith pulls it off as his own.The priest played by Thilakan a.k.a “Vazhakula Achan” (Banana bunch Father) adds humour and seriousness to the story.

Meanwhile a accident happens to a victim of the hero’s chase – job and the victim ends up in hospital. Her daughter, Ranimol (Ananya) is all ready for cold  revenge. With the priest’s help she gets an agreement by which the hero has to pay for all expenses of the family, that is Ranimol and her father.

The inebriate hero has friends at the toddy shop and the semi-villain played by Ashokan getting some jobs done by the hero.

One such job was to evacuate a family of 2 women and an old man because they failed to pay the rent. He locks their rented house and they are stranded outside. The priest brings them to occupy the hero’s ancestral home. The hero gets to stay outside his own home and get food and rent in return. The burden of two families  seem to show their affect on the hero.

One day the villain comes up with his sidekick played by Tini-tom and play dirty with Suchithra (Meghana) the unmarried woman of the house. The hero being unconscious doesn’t know about this. Nothing happens and the villain return unsuccessful , pulled away by his sidekick.

Now the whole village turns against the hero. The priest returns the land documents that the hero’s father had given to him and walks off.

Now the hero goes into apology mode. Clears the problem he had created with the family living on rent. He even protects them from Suchitra’s sister’s husband who turns out be villainous.

The priest fixes marriage of hero with Ranimol. Suchitra is heartbroken.

A sudden twist happens while Ranimol’s father is found dead. The whole village now denounces him. The film becomes more interesting with such twists in between keeping the viewer glued.

The climax should be seen.

The whole story resembles the background portrayed in typical Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Novels and the scenaries of the village are depicted in all its marvel. This movie though a little bit slow is a pleasure to watch and spend some time.

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