Three mistakes of my life; Kaipoche;

05 Apr

This must be a first book of its kind , blending cricket and radicalism with love story and Gujarat! Why Gujarat?

“Kaipoche”, the movie  is an  adaptation of the novel “Three mistakes of my life” written by Chetan Bhagat. The book was exceptionally boring to read. And I was reading Five point someone before this. May be it was the hangover of the first book that reflected on the reading in 3 mistakes. I had made a mistake reading that book. I should have seen the movie. But the movie was 2 year after I read the book, what to do?

The movie depicts the fiction in a better sense. The background of Gujarat is vivid with the camera and settings of each scene. The movie moves at a good pace with things happening at the typical speed of a Hindi movie with all the dullness with it. The Gujarati between the dialogues makes sense and adds to increase the sense of background to the story.

The story is a narration by the hero who has two friends. One goes to politics while the other is a hard-core cricketer. The religions differ. The story takes us through the spirit of starting something on our own. The typical Gujju attitude. The business of cricket flourishes alongside tuition taken by the narrator. Ishan is a cricket maniac and is all nuts about cricket. He gets into a relationship with the Crick-nut’s sister. They have a long affair. The Crick-nut doesn’t know all this till a crucial moment.

There is an uproar among the caste Hindu politician who believe that a  train carrying pilgrims was set to fire by Muslims. Now the friends are in the house of a protector of Muslim fraternity, who was also the father of Akbar who is a good batsman (coached by Mr.Crick-nut). The 3rd friend is with his Mama in the communal-political riot led by none other than his Mama. His Mamaji gets killed. He becomes blind with mad-revenge. He sees his friends inside, but leaves them alone. They try to persuade him from taking revenge for his Mamaji’s death, he doesn’t listen. A concerned lover the girl calls up the hero and the mobile happens to be with Ishan (Mr Crick -nut , the brother) . He becomes mad at  the hero. And then suddenly there is footsteps from above where they have hidden Akbar and his father. All run hither-thither. The 3rd friend has a pistol at hand to shoot them. And shoots. Ishaan gets the bullet while he tries to cover others.

Years pass. The hero and the girl marry and have a kid named after Ishan. The 3rd friend is forgiven in a cricket match were Akbar opens the batting.

The movie is far better than the writing. So I suggest to read the book and then watch the movie to appreciate it.

The story is good and a good pass-time.


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