Jawan of Vellimala

17 Apr

"Jawan of Vellimala" was an excellent movie, I saw very recently. I was sceptical about watching the movie after seeing the trailer. Nowadays, the rumour is that Mammootty movies are supposed to be unimpressive, banal and "flop" movies.

I watched the movie anyways.

The story is centred around the military man [jawan], dramatised by Mammootty, whose father had died in a strike in the making of the dam. The jawan has a problem. The whole village criticises him for his cowardice, as he is famous for being the only man who could see ghosts in the Vellimala dam. The sight of the Vellimala dam captured in the camera is a brilliant watch. The apparitions that the jawan sees in the terrific background of the dam at night is superb. Somehow wondering whether the film would be a horror, supernatural or psychic thriller.

The interesting part of the movie is the bringing up of the theme of supernatural ghosts that only the retired jawan sees. It is revealed to the audience that the problem is that of eyesight, an optical nerve damage that the jawan gets during one of his dangerous military missions.

The story turns smooth curve as the plot is elaborated with the engineer of the dam , played by Srinivasan, and the young business man,Asif. There are the negative characters , the politicians, the senior engineer, the home minister and sidekicks who go about illegal sand mining. They also hide the crack in the tunnel of dam, that becomes a crucial life threatening for the dam as well as the people of Vellimala. The plot is unveiled slowly through the adventures of Koshi(Asif) and self assigned missions of the jawan. Soon the good and bad fight each other through cunning and physical encounters.

The Engineer who wants to release the problems to public, the heroine who helped and worked with him, Koshi and jawan all wish for justice to prevail. The jawan gets the appreciation of Engineer whom he saves from some attackers. Getting the appreciation as a jawan , for the first time from the villager makes him emotional. The engineer is kidnapped. Koshi is into hiding and meets jawan and tells about his suicidal , drug-driven, fall off the dam, his findings of the sand mining, finding of the kingpin and locations. He finds the hideout where the Engineer is hidden. He enlightens the details to Jawan. And the swift action begin.

Jawan meanwhile learns that the heroine’s father was made in bad physical state to get her co-operation to all the illegal activities of the villains.

While the righteous Engineer’s daughter and Koshi, duo, go into hiding and let themselves get captured by the villains to get to their new secret location. This is tracked by Jawan, who swiftly prompts to action by acting as an innocent singer for the Chief Engineer. They get to the roots of it.

The duo who run to meet the home minister, who is MLA from the same place , to address their grievance, get chased by the goons of villains. The land with the police who is also in the negative lot. Only the jawan knew about the complete list of negative guys. He rescues them.

The Engineer arranges for press meet and releases the video tape showing the cracks on the dam. He also shares extend of damages caused by villainy who did an improper contract, that led to the crack and that in effect did not let the dam to be functioned at full flow through the tunnel. The minister wanted to close down the dam as the only way to save his face. But the Engineer’s press meet collapses all these plans.

The jawan,introduced as a person with excellent bike stunt skills, gets to show his final stunt and kills a good part of villains in a chase and hits them with a terrific bike jump.

He is taken to hospital where he meets his end.

The Colonel whom jawan used to eloquently tell about lands in the village, talks about the greatness of the jawan and the film ends in a positive not minus the man Hero.

It is a good movie.With all the goodness of humanity preserved. No lazy music. And clear picture without heroism leave alone super-heroism.


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